Software Inc. – How to Secure Your Building Properly (Security 101)

Don’t you just hate it when your security guard sits idle while the burglars were able to walk around your office freely? Well, this guide is just for you. This guide will teach you about the primary cause of it, and also how can you assign your security guards to work in a certain room to manage your resources properly.

How Could This Happened?

Some might wonder, “Why did my security guard just stand idle against the burglars?” Well, my friend, the reason for that problem is that you have not assigned your security guard to a certain room. This problem often occurs during the early game, where you have to rent a place with multiple entrances.

Essentially, right after you hire a security guard, they would usually sit on the APARTMENT security desk instead of on YOUR OWN security desk. This means that your rooms are not labeled as protected in the game. By the time the burglar arrives, they are able to gather all of your belongings while the security guard would sit idle watching the entire thing unravel.

So how do we solve this? Well, by putting your security guard in your room, you would be able to ensure that the room is labeled “protected” by the security guards. In order to do this, you need to assign your security guards to THE ROOM GROUPS.

Room Groups – How to Assign Your Security Guard Into The Room Group

In order to assign your security guard to the room group, you need to make the room groups first. To start with, go to the room groups button on the left side of the screen.

  • Red Rectangle = All Menus
  • Yellow Rectangle = Room Groups

Next, select the NEW ROOM GROUP button to create a new room group.

Type the name of the room group that you like.

Select the room that you would like to assign to the room group (in my case, the room highlighted in yellow), and then click ADD SELECTED ROOMS TO GROUP (in red)

You can also right-click on the room and choose the options to add the room into the room group.

After assigning the room to a room group, select your security guard, right-click, and choose ASSIGN ROOM GROUPS TO SELECTED STAFF.

Choose the room group that will be assigned to the security guard.

Optimizing Resources

You can just plop as many security guards and make your place secure 24/7, but it often leads to inefficiency. If you are running out of resources, this could be problematic. These are my best practice for building security :

  • Put your security guards in the most valuable area (printers and servers)
  • Build a mantrap in the entrance and put a security desk over there, in addition, assign the room to the room group and a security guard to the room group.
  • Always Make security guards available at night (burglars can steal your items during the day though so use this when only under resource-limited situations)
  • Use Insurance to recover money from stolen items


You managed to secure your room properly. Don’t forget to add CCTV to avoid things going south. In addition, you should consider getting an insurance plan just in case that the burglars manage to snatch your items in the future.

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