Sokpop S03: Hoppa – Goodbye Achievement Guide

A quick guide with pictures on how to get the awkward Goodbye achievement.

How to Obtain Goodbye Achievement

Chasing Waterfalls

The trick to getting the Goodbye achievement is to essentially find a way to get out of bounds. The easiest and most consistent spot I’ve found is the tall mountain right next to where the player starts.

We’re going to attempt to get up the mountain and up and around the waterfall at the top to get out of bounds. You can climb up the ascending rocks on the side of the mountain by springing yourself up. It’s a little tricky and collision can be weird, but you should be able to get up the mountain pretty quickly.

Once you’re at the top of the mountain, you should be able to see “behind” the waterfall, and you’ll notice that it’s basically a flat wall. If you spring yourself towards the wall at certain angles, you can kind of glitch yourself into the waterfall. Then, you can spring yourself past the waterfall and end up on the other side of it. There isn’t a specific consistent spot to do this, so you’ll have to just bash your head against the rocks until you manage to get through.

Once you’re on the other side, you can walk off the edge of the mountain. You should be able to fall through the ground on the other side into the void. You’ll start getting stretched into spaghetti and the achievement should pop soon afterwards.

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