Star Fetchers – Reaching the Elusive Agent Flyman

I’ve noticed recently that, whilst fairly well known, Nobody has made a guide on the infamous Flyman Jump, so i took it upon myself to do so. Hopefully it’ll help you out 🙂

Getting to the Generator Room

The “Generator Room” . Witch is my term for the area where Flyman is found. You will have to be careful thought, as the area itself has a ambush gaurd that’ll try to gut you right off the bat.

Allthought i feel like you’ll know when it happens, just in case, this door right here is the area right before the Genorator Room, so be ready to parry as soon as you hit E.

The Flyman Jump Itself

After a succsesfull parry, carefully make a run to the right, to where you should see this generator, and graffiti.

This is the area we need to jump up, with the assistance of our hopefully still alive gaurd.

He’ll be stuck to the purgatory that is that tiny ledge, so as long as you keep away from the end of the sword, you’ll be safe. Next up what we need to do is preform Sayaria’s Midair Strong Kick, by of coarse, just right clicking close to his head whilst midair.

This bounces you off him, after witch you double jump of the generator wall.

This Flyman Jump should smack you right up to Flyman, at expense of some head trauma to the gaurd. (This happened to quickly for me to get a picture, apologies).

After witch you should be able to just bool around with Flyman for as long as you like, and fall off the level too if that’s your style.

Other than that, that’s all thats really to be said! If you accidentally kill your liveing jump boost, there’s a pack of 3 scondrals below the railing of the 1st area to toss yourself on to quickly reset.

Other than that enjoy! I hope you found something useful or interesting about this guide, and i hope you have a good day!

Created by Godot Armando

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