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Stations hubs: how not to be frustrated at not having used the right station hubs

Sometimes you find yourself blocked, or forced to use bridges, because you’ve blocked yourself by connecting station hubs that cut off access from other buildings.

To limit this inconvenience, I usually connect my stations as follows:

This ensures that I have at least one free hub on each side of the railroad.

Also, hovering your mouse over buildings still under construction will sometimes tell you in advance what they will be. This is a great clue if you want to connect your stations together while saving space for future connections.

Connecting two stations at different heights without building a bridge

This may seem obvious to some of you, but it took me many hours of playing before I realised it was possible. However, be careful to control the station and make sure you don’t need a bridge to link the hubs to the ground on certain sides, especially when you’re playing the game unzoomed.

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