Stellaris – Defense Tips for Beginners

Don’t panic, I did much worse when I was first starting. And I still can’t play at the highest difficulty. It’s a very complex game, so it takes some time to figure things out, and defeat is only an opportunity to learn.

Tips for New Players: How to Defending

Some Tips Might Help

  • Keep playing on the easiest difficulty until you get a better dominion of game mechanics.
  • Good economy gives victories in battle. You need lots of ships. For ships you need alloy. For alloy, you need minerals and energy. For that you need pops, who need food.
  • (Remember, pops make things, districts and buildings don’t they only incur expense – be always only a tiny bit ahead of the pop growth with buildings).
  • The game automatically builds ships for you, but they’re usually not the best build. You can design your own ships. If you discover your enemy has kinetic weapons, you need armor. If energy, you need shields. And if your enemy has shields/armor, you need kinetic/energy respectively (attack them where they’re weakest). You can actually defeat a larger fleet if yours is strategically designed to handle them.
  • Don’t be afraid in the beginning to save the game, see how things went bad, and reload to go back and try to overcome the problem. It’s a good way to learn.
  • Always figure out the questions you have very clearly. Getting the question right is usually harder than finding the answer. And with a clear question, look it up on the net, and you’ll find countless geniuses out there giving excellent advice.

Persevere, and you’ll really enjoy this game.

Created by Kalemenos

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