Stuffed – First Night Strategy Guide

Are you finding yourself unable to get through Night 1 of Stuffed? If you are, you’re in the right place! This is a guide I’ve put together full of different tips to help you survive the terrifying toys of this nightmare-ridden house.

Guide to First Night Strategy

Note: Credit goes to Cameo

Part 1: Room Purchasing

In Stuffed, a huge part of the gameplay is purchasing rooms. This, of course, is a risk/reward system. With each room you buy, you’ll unlock an additional purchasable gun and usually a consumable, but you’ll also unlock another enemy spawn.

When purchasing rooms, keep in mind where they are in the house in correlation to Ellie’s door (the one you have to protect). Always try to purchase rooms that aren’t on the same floor as Ellie’s door. Her door is usually on the second floor of the house, so try to only buy doors on the first floor. If the only doors available are on the second floor, purchase the furthest doors possible.

Part 2: Arsenal

Most enemies in Stuffed can be cleared out with really any weapon of your choice. These enemies include the Gnomes, Ducks, and Robots. However, enemies like the Tall Shadows, Shadow Minions, and the Sock Monsters require a bit more strategy when choosing guns.

The weapon setup I recommend is one decently quick gun and one high damage, high radius gun.

For your main weapon, choose either the Jelly Boom Boom (my personal favorite weapon), the Rock’em Pop-em, or the Sk8rboi. The best weapon in the game is by far the Big Beefy, but it’s very expensive and hard to get. If you can get it, it’ll carry you for a while, but I recommend picking one of the other guns first. These guns will help you against almost all enemies.

If none of the main weapons I recommended are working against the Tall Shadows, you can try using the Shot Caller. This sniper makes extremely short work of Tall Shadows, especially if you land headshots.

For more swarm-like enemies, try to get either the Cola Cannon or the RPG. These guns are especially useful for waves 7 and 10, as they can clear out a lot of enemies at once. The Jelly Boom Boom can do this too, but it has a smaller damage radius.

In short, probably the best loadout you can get is a Big Beefy with an RPG.

Above: Image of me having the ideal loadout.

Part 3: Leveling Up

By shooting enemies and opening doors, you will get XP, which allows you to Level Up and receive perks. Things like infinite sprint might seem tempting to you, but I wouldn’t recommend taking them. At least, not right away.

When you level up for the first time, get a Door Repair Kit. If you’re playing with multiple people in a party, each person should have at least one of these.

After getting a Door Repair Kit, your next perk choices depend on how well you’ve been playing. If you find yourself dying an awful lot, purchase as much extra health as possible. Each perk gives you an extra half-heart, which is extremely beneficial.

If you’re not dying very much (or there isn’t a health perk available), upgrade your door health. This is very good for wave 10 when the Shadow Minions spawn, as it buys you quite a bit of time, but it also helps against Tall Shadows.

Finally, if you’re in a pinch (low health, no ammo, tons of enemies, etc) and just need to stay alive, don’t be afraid to take a max ammo or extra ammo perk. This strategy has saved me numerous times. Sometimes all you need is one more magazine to finish the wave.

As you can see from the image above, you can take the infinite sprint perk and still beat wave 10.

Part 4: Extra Tips

Tip #1: If buying far away doors as recommended in Part 1 seems bad to you because of traversing, don’t forget about the box teleporters around the house. These cannot only be used to fast travel to weapons, but they’re also good for baiting enemies away. A very viable strategy is separating enemies by moving back and forth through teleporters. Teleporters will also always return you to the spawn area near Ellie’s door.

Tip #2: If you have grenades (Boom Corn), a great strategy is jumping up and down and rotating around a large crowd of enemies to round them into a big clump and kill them all with a single grenade. This still gives you a lot of XP, and saves ammo.

Tip #3: This one is pretty obvious, but if you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t sweat it. I didn’t realize it until about 2 hours into the game. Sock Monsters move extremely quickly, but only when you aren’t looking at them. On wave 7, try to get to a position where you can see all the Sock Monsters, as well as Ellie’s door. From there, use your high-radius gun to clear all the Sock Monsters out.

Tip #4: a mix of Tip #3 and Tip #2, a good strategy on wave 10 is to jump repeatedly around the Shadow Minions and use your high-radius gun to clear them out. It’s okay to let them do some damage to Ellie’s door, as long as you survive. Let the Shadow Minions damage the door a bit while clearing the ones that are swarming you personally. Then, clear the ones at Ellie’s door and let the rest get closer to you. Repeat these steps and you should survive wave 10.

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