Tales of Maj’Eyal – Survival Tips

Tips That Might Help to Survive

  • Don’t open vaults and golden chests If you’re not sure that you can hande of escape it.
  • Don’t to the Dark Crypt and to the Last Hope Graveyard. Try to follow the recommended zone progression from the game wiki. There are zones where your character will be killed with a great probability if you’re not prepared for them properly.
  • Set recieved damage percentage to a low value (something like 10 то 20%) in the game options. This will block your keyboard for you for a few seconds and will remind you to think before pressing keys hectically.
  • If you see a unique, elite or a boss inspect it and try to figure out what tricks it can throw at you, The Inspect creature in the right click menu helps with it.
  • And see it like a chess-like game, It is more enjoying the process, learning something new again and again than winning it once and going to something else. But defeats will still be a bitter medicine of course. It is normal.
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