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I’ve decided I’m gonna go through my playthroughs and grab a bunch of recipes from there. Got 35 pages of recipes in my first playthrough!

How to Make Brews?

It’s possible to experiment, there’s hundreds of out comes, however the brewing rules have several requirements which make it hard to stumble across a good drink.

You’re much better off following a recipe. You can ‘pin’ a recipe from the recipe book and use that to guide you. It will instruct which ingredients to use, and how much with a %.

As you place the ingredients into the pot you will want to exceed the specified % in order for the brew to be successful.

So for example, if a recipe calls for 50% apple, 20% honey, you could place 75 apples and 25 honey and that would satisfy the requirement. But 85 apples and 15 honey would not.


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  1. This is Bloody Rum, a three-star rum. Sea Pickle 10%, Distilled 10%, Lemon Barley 25%, Regal Tomatoes 50%.

  2. There are no honey rum three stars that I can find. I flew everywhere and attempted to purchase the recipe from Blimp, but I have a contract for that.

  3. To address some of the inquiries I’ve heard, the brewing system is extremely fault tolerant. You’ll get the desired outcome as long as the minimum quantities for your top three ingredients are met, as stated in the recipe. As long as they don’t appear in the top three ingredients, you can backfill with random items or even just increase the amount of the main ingredient.

  4. Yes, this game’s ingredient math is a little off, but these do work. The main ingredient will exceed the percentage unless you use a fourth to make up the difference, so it’s important to have your side ingredients at their designated percentage.

  5. You can now make Golden Root Vodka with potatoes.
    Prickly Wheat 30%, Gopher Potato 40%
    20% honey

  6. While the dandewheat (level 0 ingredient) requires an island hop, a Bright Amber Whiskey doesn’t require any plane upgrades.
    Apple Dandewheat 40% 25%

    20% honey

  7. Wild Apple Brandy is an additional three-star brandy.
    Apple 35 percent
    25% Ivy Grape

    20% honey

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