The Final Station – Basic Things That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are a few things that should have been stated at the start of the game that I think would have made everyone life much easier.


  • When you get back on the train at the end of a station you will be entirely healed back to full health. Don’t waste med kits on yourself.
  • When the train give you the “You have arrived” signal, immediately exit the train. It will automatically resolve any issue happened on the train and when you get back on the issue won’t be there. So don’t waste time trying to fix something, its fat to just get off.
  • When someone’s hunger meter is depleted, their health will start to be drained. So, you can strategically starve passengers to ensure you get everyone to the station.
  • There is a way to cheese melee hits when you are on a ladder, and you’ll easily be able to one punch crowds of zombies.
  • You can easily melee kill most enemies in the game without taking a single hit. The armored ones will take one punch and one shot to the head, and the exploding one just need one shot anywhere and just run.The short fast ones are the only ones I recommend you shoot, just get them to bunch together and one shotgun shot will turn them to mush.

I ended the game with almost 10 shotgun shots and over 60 bullets on my rifle, so its not really challenging if you just keep a cool head and punch the enemies while kiting them.

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