The Hidden Room – Speedrun Guide

Just the important steps to complete the game within 60 seconds. Fairly easy to do.

Guide to Speedrun


This “guide” is very Captain Obvious, but maybe someone is struggling with it, so just in case.

Run through the whole thing. Jumping through the lower level feels faster, I’m not sure though.

  1. Immediately interact with the sofa, type in the code: 2396 (everything else in this room is only necessary to get this code, we just skip past it all).
  2. Go down the stairs. Run to the gate and pick up the crowbar to the left of it.
  3. Sprint back to the stairs and grab the mask to the right of the steps.
  4. Back to the gate, interact with the panel to the right, then interact with the gate again.
  5. Don’t stop sprinting / bunnyhopping. Run through the hallway, stick to the left wall and interact with the ball & chain halfway through while moving past it, don’t stop. Keep running towards the hole that opens at the end of the hallway to the left.
  6. Enter the hole, interact with the keypad, password: ESCAPE
  7. Leave the hole. Interact with the floor next to it, when you leave it it’s right to your left. The floor should open.
  8. Just keep running to the end and interact with the gate, move past it as it opens and interact with the letter.

Might take two or three attempts to get right but that’s it.

Don’t wait for the gates to open fully, obviously, and be careful not to get stuck on random objects, especially steps 2-5.

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