Thief Simulator VR – Cheat Codes

How to Use Cheats

These codes will not result in a ban of any sort because these codes were put in by the developer.

To use a cheat code use the [~] Tilde key it it in the top left corner below the esc key.

The Codes

  • freemoney – gives 10k
  • freeexp – gives 100 xp (the three e’s in free is not a typo)
  • cleararch – removes achievements
  • solazy – automatically completes current story mission
  • iknowall – discover all house’s tenant routines
  • ghost – invisible to people,cameras,and police
  • allskills – unlocks all skills
  • thieftools – gives all thief tools
  • stealpickupold – spawns Bolthorn 86 Classic
  • stealpickupnew – spawns Bolthorn Family MkV
  • stealasian – spawns Aisan Cougar
  • notparanoid – sets tenants current building to not hostile
  • clearitems – clears items in current vehicle
  • nighttime – sets time to night
  • noontime – sets time to noon
  • daytime – sets time to day
  • eveningtime – sets time to evening
  • human – if used ghost use this to become normal
  • 1star – gives you 1 star
  • 2star – gives you 2 stars
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