TRAIL OUT – Cheat Codes

Welcome to the TRAIL OUT festival of spectacular races! world-wide racing that is careless! There are collisions, explosions, devastation, and irate drivers!

–°heat codes on license plate!


Sometimes while streaming on your Fest app you get comments in dark color – these are cheat codes that you can enter on your license plate and you will unlock something.

Note: In addition to cheat codes, there are Secret Races with Bosses, after completing which you get a variety of outfits.


  • JOELGOLF – Opens to buy a golf cart.
  • PROLOGUE – Opens a new suit for purchase.
  • STIG – Opens a new suit for purchase.
  • FROZEN – Opens a new suit for purchase.
  • MOTOMOTO – Opens to buy a motobike.
  • RETRO – Opens to buy a retro car.
  • HELP – Opens to buy a car.
  • ITSTRAP – Gives you some money.
  • HESOYAM – Gives you some money.
  • LEBOWSKI – Gives you some money.

If you know any other codes, feel free to write them in the comments.

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