Transport Giant – Hard Difficulty Guide

This guide is aiming to help people get more money in less time and might help even speedrun the campaign missions.

A Cheese Strat for Hard difficulty


Hey folks, this is a short guide on how to make them $$ in any difficulty but it’s helpful for hard.

The cheese strat is based on heavy micro so you have to keep in mind that you can’t relax even for one second (it’s useful even for speedrunning the campaign missions).

When you set the station and get the vehicles you want, you can build everything you want for start in the first month and schedule the vehicles for that route. You won’t be needing as many vehicles as you would normally buy, which is important in more modern times since the prices are way higher than they are in 1850.

Explaining the Mechanics

Due to the way that the game works, the first run from Station A to Station B won’t cost anything and will generate income once the goods are delivered. Now, on the way back, the vehicle is empty and will take some money from you (repair + utility costs + loading) the moment it reaches Station A; you don’t want that to happen.

After the goods are delivered, discard the vehicle by selecting it and clicking on the bin so you cancel the schedule and get the vehicle back in your depot. Now you can put back the same schedule and the vehicle will be back to Station A instantly, saving the costs, but more importantly, saving the travel time from Station B to Station A. This way you can double the money you get because you can make two full trips, both of them giving you income instead of just income then costs AND you reduce the time needed to complete certain objectives if you’re playing the campaign.


You can send a train with a load of 64 corn to a farm. As soon as the train finishes unloading and resets to go back to Station A, you immediately discard the train then set the schedule again so instead of taking its time to go back and reload and then make the trip again, you can just send it fully loaded once more, thus delivering a total of 128 corn in the time frame that was originally supposed to be a 64 corn delivery then a reload.

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