Voxel Turf – Changing Base Attack Audio

Want to change the audio that plays whenever a base or control points gets attacked? You’re in the right place.

How to Change Base Attack Audio


This guide tackles how to change the audio for base attacks (the extremely loud sound effect) that plays whenever a faction attacks a base or control point.

Changing the File

First, you’ll need to locate the file.

The typical directory will be as follows:

  • OS (C:)
  • Program Files (x86)
  • Steam
  • steamapps
  • common
  • Voxel Turf
  • sfx
  • baseattack

Once you’ve located the baseattack.wav file, you just need a different .wav to replace it with.

For those that need reputable sources, something like Freesound is safe and free.

If using Freesound, I’d personally recommend replacing your baseattack.wav with Taira Komori’s “cannon01.mp3” and converting the .mp3 to .wav on a site such as Convertio (also safe and free).

Make sure that you delete the original baseattack file and that your new file has the name baseattack so that it fully replaces the old one.

Adjusting the volume is a different story, but at least this will get the ball rolling for those who really just need a change to the default sound.

Created by Vistresian

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