Wall World – 100% Full Achievement Guide

All 14 achievements in the game and how to get them.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Yateveo

How long does it take to finish on 100%?

Getting the 100% on this game will take about 20-30 hours based on your skill (It took me around 20 hours).

What Kind of Day Has it Been

  • Get defeated = Just die

Meet in the Middle

  • Knock on heaven’s door = Go through the clouds above or below you

Get Some Then

  • Slay 500 zyrex = kill 500 monsters

All the Bells Say

  • Take three relics = While mining look for three relics (viz picture), mine them and bring them back to spider

Endure and Survive

  • Survive for a while = Survive the first 20 minutes

House of Enlightenment

  • Enter three rooms = While mining u can find rooms at the end of the cave, u have to enter three of them (Rooms out of mines, that have only loot, and people in might also count).

A Hard Way to Go

  • Pick up a key = Pick up a green key wich u can find in rooms behind mines/rooms on walls (U only need to get one key).

Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Find a special spot = Find a room and the wall with a strange person

Three Slaps

  • Build three structures on the mines

One Way Out

  • Reach the bottom = Go all the way down the wall until u see the sea

The Day the World Went Away

  • Activate it = After finding all 5 keys reach the top and activate the laser to “Finish” the game

Long Time Coming

  • Get all keys = Find all 5 keys in the rooms at the mines

Force of Evil

  • Use every weapon = Use all the spider weapons that u can find in mines (I got it in one run so Im not sure if u have to find them all in one run)

The Hope That Kills You

  • Buy all upgrades = At the lobby
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