War Brokers – Jumping Combat Tips

Want to know how the pros keep getting those unfair SMG kills? This might help you out.

Tips to Jumping Combat

Note: Credit goes to Maybe Birb


If you’ve played War Brokers for more than an hour, you’ve most likely met at least one experienced player. If you’ve fought them in close quarters maps- Office, Area 15 Bunker, Tomb, and Tribute- you’ve seen them use the SMG. Then they leap at you, and in the blink of an eye they’re behind you. A moment later, while you’re still trying to figure out where they’ve gone, you’re dead.

That tactic, used by many an elite player, is what I refer to as the NRQK (No-Recoil Quick Kill). In this guide, I’ll be going over how to do it.

It takes a lot of practice and is half muscle-memory.

Congratulations. Believe it or not, you’re basically playing Mario. Get ready to jump on some heads.

Weapon Options

There are a few weapons that this can work with, so I’m just going to quickly breeze through each weapon and how good/bad they are for this technique, the best being at the top and the worst being at the bottom.

  • Sub Machine Gun: Perfect. The ideal weapon for this tactic.
  • VEK SMG: Perfect. Same as SMG, but a tiny bit worse.
  • VSS: Great. The rate of fire makes it pretty nice for this tactic.
  • Tactical Shotgun: Great. High RoF combined with great close-range damage make it a great choice.
  • Sniper Rifle: Good if you know how to pull it off. I’ll get to that.
  • .50 Cal Sniper: Same as Sniper Rifle.
  • RPG: Good if you use the strategy against vehicles. I’ll get into that too.
  • Crossbow: Decent. If it’s a tight spot, go ahead.
  • AK Rifle: Decent. Better than AR and SCAR, at least.
  • Shotgun: Decent. The low rate of fire means it’s punishing if you miss.
  • AR Rifle: Meh. It’s a little harder, but it can work.
  • Minigun: Meh. It usually slows you down too much and has terrible recoil, but you could, in theory.
  • LMG: Meh. Somehow, this weapon’s accuracy is so poor that even point-blank you might miss.
  • SCAR: Terrible. This is a generally ranged weapon, it’s a bad idea to use it with this tactic.
  • Auto Sniper: Terrible. If you have another option, use it. This should be if you’re caught off-guard.
  • Hunting Rifle: Terrible. Same as Auto Sniper.
  • Homing Missile: No.
  • Grenade Launcher: No.
  • Auto Pistol: Great. Pretty much just a pocket SMG.
  • Desert Eagle: Good. Just spam it in their face and you’ll be fine.
  • Pistol: Bad. This weapon really is useless, isn’t it?
  • Revolver: Terrible. This is a bad idea.

Note: This list is subjective, some weapons work better for some people than for others.

Traditional Weapons

For weapons such as the SMGs and the rifles, you’re going to want to do a bit of practice before you get to the fully in-the-face.

To practice, go to a map such as Area 15 Bunker with an SMG. Try jumping whenever you’re attacking someone, moving toward them while you do so. People will have a harder time tracking you, and with a bit of practice, you’ll still be able to hit them consistently.

For being at a slight range when jump-attacking, you can use the scope. This might actually be better, as otherwise the accuracy of your weapon will drop tremendously- doubly so if it’s a rifle type weapon.

Once you’ve gotten reasonably comfortable with leaping at your opponents while firing, you can move to the next stage and try jumping over them. Try leaping at an opponent- perhaps several times- and jumping over them.

You could leap over a target, such as a small bush, for practice if you want. Though generally your targets will be moving so this won’t help too much. In basis, you want to angle your gun slightly downward and start firing. Unless you’re fighting someone extremely inexperienced, you probably don’t want to aim straight down, since that limits your capability of shooting them and increases your turn sensitivity.

You’ll mainly want to leap over and around your opponent while firing rapidly at their heads. For every time you move a direction, turn your mouse the opposite way so it stays centered on their head. Make sure to compensate if they move.

This technique has 3 main advantages.

  1. It’s difficult for the opponent to track and thus kill you.
  2. Recoil isn’t likely to be a problem (unless you have a minigun).
  3. There is no damage dropoff.

If you think it’d be hard to miss at such a close range, however, you’re dead wrong. The closer you are to an opponent, the more your hand naturally shakes and stresses at the mouse, thus lowering your aim in a half-panicked state. This is normal. It goes away somewhat but not completely.

The main goal of this strategy is to avoid being shot, however. You’re staying out of the opponent’s vision- they can’t shoot what they can’t see.

Think of it like high-end Minecraft PvP. Your goal is to not be seen, so thus be circling around them and facing their back/side whenever possible. Only in War Brokers, it’s a little more three-dimensional, as you can be directly above the person. (Not that you can’t jump in Minecraft, but you usually don’t have to look straight up during a duel)

In short: Shoot the backs, sides and tops of their heads. You don’t want them facing you.

Semi-Automatics and Snipers

Semi-auto weapons are a little trickier to get the hang of, but it’s more than possible.

For less damaging things such as the Desert Eagle (Or “Deagle” for short), you can run up and jump into their faces while spamming clicking to your heart’s content. Make sure you’re constantly turning downward a little to compensate for the recoil if there is any, but being so close generally nullifies that to an extent. Hip-firing is best for this.

For shotguns, it’s really the same, but with less recoil. If using the regular Shotgun, you’ll want to hip-fire. The Tactical Shotgun can actually be more effective with the scope in some cases, but use your own judgement in the moment to decide.

For things such as the Auto Sniper and the Hunting Rifle, you’ll want to be at a range where jumping and facing straight forward you can still see most of their head. Don’t get too close to their faces, they’ll almost always win that confrontation if you do. Start shooting them, aiming for headshots and moving side to side in a back-and-forth manner.

I highly recommend you don’t do this until you’re well-versed in Jumping PVP.

For the Crossbow, be at a similar range as with the Hunting Rifle and the Auto Sniper. Shoot them wherever you can, and if you miss, then you should probably switch your weapons- unless you’re well behind them. Take your time, you don’t want to miss.

Finally, there’s the Sniper Rifle and the .50 Cal Sniper. Think of these like shotguns but if you really wanted to get directly into their face. Your rifle model should practically be phasing through their head when you fire.

You need to jump toward and above them, aiming your rifle slightly downward to compensate for this, and shoot at the top of their head. This way, if they jump, they still may get headshotted by your rifle. In addition, you can land partially on top of them, rendering their jump not as effective.

This is extremely difficult to pull off, and I strongly recommend getting the hang of the Crossbow before you try this.

Assaulting Vehicles

I’ll start with this; don’t use the Homing Missile for this. Even against vehicles, using this strategy with that weapon will prove beyond useless and into self-destructive.

The RPG can be used here, however. For tanks, leap on top of the tank, and go to a corner. Jump straight up and fire at the opposite side of the tank. You’ll take damage and be launched, however if you hold the forward button, you can land on another part of the tank.

They’re quite likely to just exit the vehicle, shoot you, and keep going. Always look at their health bar. If their name vanishes, get away and find the player who has just exited the vehicle. They’re close enough that you can use a regular weapon and the NRQK strategy.

Against a helicopter, pretty much the same thing. You’re not going to manage this with a plane, so I won’t even bother, but if you were to, then use the same thing.

Against the APCs, you’ll want to jump to the sides, firing it when their bumper enters your firing zone. If you don’t have an RPG against an APC, leap side to side, baiting an attack from them. Don’t stand still at a higher altitude, or they’ll just shoot you.

Against the vehicles exclusive to The Somme, get onto their heads and shoot them with a rifle. That, or shoot them from a distance with an RPG, since they can’t move.

Notice: Attacking any vehicle at point blank with any explosive weaponry will deal damage to yourself as well. I’ve gotten killed with my own explosives numerous times. It’s better to use RPGs and Grenades at a distance.

Dealing with Pros

So you’re set up and ready to go. You’ve had practice, you’ve shot a few heads, you know the gist of it. Now, you’re in a tight spot and and see another player round the corner with an SMG, leaping at you. It’s pretty obvious he knows what he’s doing and is going to give you a bad day.

So how do you deal with this calamity? Well, I’ll talk about three ways to counter this strategy.

  1. Fight fire with fire

If you think you know more about the strategy than they do, you could jump straight at their faces and fire away. This is one of the rare cases in which you’ll want to spray and pray. They’re going to be focusing all their efforts on staying out of your field of vision, so by the time you see them, you’re either already firing or it’s too late and they’re on the move again.

Turn around frequently. Listen for the Headshot sound if you want a good idea of which way to turn, and move quickly. Most importantly: Keep moving no matter what. If you’re standing still, they’re shooting you. If you’re on the ground, they’re shooting you. Keep airborne as much as possible.

  1. Distance is your friend

If you have the time, you can back off and start firing. You’ll want to go for headshots and be jumping side to side as best you can. If you just move backward without anything fancy, they’re going to just shoot you and be done with it, so mix in maybe some circles and what not.

  1. More damage = win

If all else fails, switch weapons to a sniper rifle or a crossbow and shoot them in the head (or body with the Crossbow). Their DPS won’t matter if you can one-shot them. Be warned, if you choose this method and miss, you’re good as dead.

Sometimes you’ll come across a player so good that you can’t win that kind of enchounter. Use your judgement to decide how to handle them, whether to fight them a different way, try and always be at a distance, or avoid them altogether.

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