Warpips – Easy General Mode Guide

This is an advanced guide aimed at players who have an understanding of basic game play. This guide may use devious techniques and nefarious tactics.

General Mode Made Easy


Let’s begin with the elephant in the room.

I don’t think it’s possible to beat General mode in it’s intended format.

That being said I am often wrong about a great many things.

If you had all the data about each level, how early the armour will attack and so on it may be possible however the final stages specifically censor this; making collecting the information on those territories a monumental task in tedium.

Anywho use alt F4 if like me if you would prefer not to repeatedly smash your monitor with your keyboard.


You can attack nine territories in each stage before the enemy reaches hard mode.

This will effectively render many bonus loot territories unreachable.

Plan you route in advance to pick up the most War Bucks possible.

Upgrade priority:

  1. (Engineering Corps) Modular pieces; getting half price turrets / sand bags is crucial early on.
  2. (Academy) Combat training one and two. Ranking up during battles is a priority.
  3. (Engineering Corps) Battle Co-ordination; Assault and Defence buttons win wars.
  4. (Recruitment Centre) Starting supply 1; This is preemptive for vehicles. They require more supply.
  5. (Vehicle Bay) Armour Plating and Deployment Logistics; Vehicles are not efficient or effective until these upgrades are purchased. This will not be achievable nor is required until stage three
  6. Complete the Recruitment Centre upgrades.

Special mention: Weapons Centre upgrades around missiles and base defence turrets are cheap and situational. You can upgrade as required however do so with need rather than frivolity.

Barracks upgrades appear the most appealing to a beginner however their large cost greatly hampers later game upgrade progress.

God Tier

Scorpion pip and Tow turret: These two are absolute top of god tier for their ability to launch rockets right at the start of the game. Sell everything to buy these and hold on to them until the end with extreme prejudice. When the tanks and choppers start arriving on your doorstep in the first ten seconds of play you need a response. In the later stages use one scorpion per level with armour and or choppers. Once your Scorpions are depleted start using TOW turrets for the hardest levels.

Warpip: These units are cheap making them good for early combat and have no population limit making the valuable late into battle and also late game. Buy these at every opportunity early game as running out could end your run

Pipsqueak: Free and plentiful. Good for buying time at the start for more expensive units. Effective late game though less and less useful late battle.

Small turret: Save these for fights with Gruz 78 (medium anti infantry vehicles). They are not so tough. Gas Pips are painful but can be dealt with by sending more infantry. Save your Scorpion pip and TOW turret’s for tanks and choppers

Sandbags on sale: These can be sold back for a one Combat Coupon profit! Otherwise can be sold back for cost price. Pretty handy on the battlefield early game.

Game Changers

The Puma and the Ramrod are you stock standard “I’m going to beat this level” duo. The top tier Puma will sport TOW rockets which is great for downing choppers. They are not entry level units and will require lesser units to support the field until they can be unlocked. Hence they are not a reliable counter to choppers and armour. Be sure to have the aforementioned upgrades before using vehicles.

Snipers: a god send for heavy infantry levels early game.

LRV: a great replacement for snipers in infantry missions; stages three and four

RA52 Rockets: earn up to two extra promotion points right at the start firing off these bad boys. Don’t get to tactical with these. Have the upgrade. Maybe wait a few seconds for high value troops to spawn and smash the button. Refresh timer will finish reasonably quickly.

I will mention here there are great support units which I definitely use however they are somewhat interchangeable and are certainly not game breaking.

Big Ol’ Waste of Time

Barbed Wire: Great for selling to buy other things! All vehicles will run over it making it extremely situational.

Shield Pip: Every time I use these I regret it. Too expensive and not tanky enough. I use them when there is no other support available (Dogs / Tactician ect). The best defence is a good offence!

AH32-E Tomahawk: The attack helicopter boasts five supply slots, three unlock points and $175 to field the unit. This shiny, brutal bird of prey requires eight promotions to field and will run out of gas the instant it leaves the hanger. Abandoning you on the battlefield and pocketing your hard earned cash and dignity as it flees.

Airstrike: The A-20 Battle Boar will annihilate the large strike zone and all within. Then simply jump in a TARDIS and fly twenty million years into the future to use it again!

88-86 Warbus: It’s a bit gimmicky, and situational, and pricey, however there is no unlock cost nor supply charge. Basically add some mines and non supply Warpips for $200.

Landmines: did you put it in the wrong spot? If I had a dollar for everytime I…

Anywho did you panic place the mines and run out of money like me? There are better counters for armour. Stick to the effective ones and sell these to third world countries so they can exercise their god given second amendment right to torment their civilian population well into the next century.


Use your Small Turrets for Gruz 78 (medium anti infantry vehicles). Buggies (small anti infantry vehicles) can be defeated with Warpips and / or Tactician / Heavy Gunners.

In the later stages use one scorpion per level against armour and or choppers. Once your Scorpions are depleted start using TOW turrets for the hardest levels. If you cannot field a Scorpion or TOW in the later stages you will lose.

Sell the rubbish and buy the effective equipment.

Dominate the battlefield!

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