West Sweety – 100% Achievement Guide

Quick guide to get 100% achievements.


Both free and paid DLCs are required in order to get 100% achievements following this guide. Make sure to install both before starting.


The game has 3 different modes that are played depending on which girl is selected.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors – You don’t actually play, only select the correct option on who wins or if it’s a draw using the buttons at the bottom, certain number of correct guesses required each level. No RNG on this one
  • Dice – Roll dice against the girl, whoever has the higher number wins. More dice are rolled as the levels increase and numbers of wins required increases per level. 100% RNG
  • Cards – Choose between beauty, cop, or robber and the girl does the same. Beauty beats cop, cop beats robber, robber beats beauty. 100% RNG

Achievement Guide

1 achievement for starting the game, 5 achievements each for interacting with the 11 girls.

For each girl, do the following:

  • Start level 1. Press F to instantly win. Repeat for the next 3 levels.
  • Choose the bottle icon at the bottom right of the selected girl for the H-scene.
  • Use the bottom item or body part of the list on the right and hold left click on them until the bar fills up.

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