WitchSpring R – Good Listener Achievement Guide

Good Listener is obtained during the end after you saw all optional endings.

How to Unlock Good Listener Achievement

Good Listener

Talk to Balt whenever you have the chance during the story and after getting 3rd blessing.

All Alfredo cutscenes

They are very important and also missable chapter 1-3

  • Chapter 1 during “Thief!” dot follow the bird to the wampleaf swamp area, talk to Alfredo in the swamp area first.
  • Chapter 2 during “find Anna” avoid the village entrance, go to the bridge.
  • Chapter 3 during “Hurried Review” Alfredo is sitting near the water in the village.


  • Chapter 7 after you defeat doll Kate talk to the doll, then enter north and re-enter the room to see.

Alfredo talk to the doll

Shipwreck quests

  • Give the “book” to Lyvia in the lalaque village.
  • After you found all 7 pages on the ship they transform to the book.
  • Give the “Soldier List” to the guy that wants the list in lalaque village prsion after the main story mission in the ship.
  • To trigger this you need to find him during the main story at the bottom of the ship.
  • After the story mission you can go back to the room where the boss was and collect the “Soldier List” and the missing pages for the diary “book”.

Cutscenes South Coast Abandoned Mine

  • You need eison for this. to get eison you need aged lalaque berry from the lalaque village. Try to use the berry in front of Eison to trigger the turtle to wake up.
  • Explore the map from south island sea until you find the cave in southeast ocean.
  • There’s cutscene between 2 npc twice, the second scene triggered when u leave the area for a while and coming back later on.
  • Other cutscenes trigger when you leave the cave and travel to the sea.
  • The last Cutscene triggers when you see them near the cave after pieberry deststroyed their ship.

” Nightmare (super boss)”

  • “Good Listener” triggers a Cutscene where the seal breaks.
  • Nightmare can be found behind the 3 deer on you way to the 2nd temple.


  • After getting 3rd blessing go back to the big Dragon Head and beat it.

“Melina’s Quest”

Catch the little dragons, then talk to her.

  • First in the boar forest (dragon is in Elysion plain).
  • Then West of Elysion plain (dragon is in Dragon Valley).
  • Then in Dragon Valley (dragon is in ice field behind the old yeti).
  • Last time you can find her Vavelia Village.

Luna’s Quests (ice field)

  • The side quest triggered at Luna`s House and ends when you get the ice staff.

Reina’s Quest

  • Talk with reina chapter 7, give her the needed item Lightning Dragon Horn, then she wants you to help recharge her blade.

Missable Items during prison break

  • Book for the most powerful magic on the game above Matt`s prison cell in a hidden room.
  • Matt`s list when talking to him in the prison.
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