Wobbledogs – How to Make Interesting Dogs

Guide on how to make more interesting dogs than pink and blue dog.

From Starting Dogs

The starting dogs are not very interesting looking and while you might get minor mutations they aren’t major or anything! The adult dogs will lay eggs though and you can “breed” the dogs to make the eggs incuabatle.

So when you pick the breed option between two normal looking dogs u will just get a bunch of normal looking puppies but you can do it ~14ish times and everytime the simulation power goes down which increases the mutation and differences.

So you can go from a blue and pink dog to a yellow and purple dog very easily in this process or any color really just make sure to breed the weirder looking dogs so you get further and further away frfom starting dog and thats it

You can do the above process like a bunch of times and when you get a interesting dog instead of letting it die when it gets old, put it in storage and it wont die so you can use it for making further weird dogs. repeat the process until you have a 1 winged angel dog with 7 legs and 3 tails or whatever your goal is.

DNA Banking

When a dog reaches adulthood and you think it looks moderatly interesting, export the dogs code, and then immeaditly import it agian; this creates a copy of the dog in storage that has no gut flora but is still an adult that you can use in the “breed” minigame.

This lets you have the dog die normally (provides lots of food and whatever gut bacteria they had left) back to the other dogs and get a dog core but still keep the dog for when you have a dog in mind you want to create.

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  1. Yeah, Currently i’m working on how to use the egg sim to create more random dogs, Like spotted, Tailed, And striped.

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