Action Taimanin – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Note: Credit goes to VII

Best advice. Play who you want. And just focus on gathering gems (also don’t buy costumes early game. Save your gems for characters and gacha).

But seriously Find a character you enjoy playing and buy them. And if you’re wondering you can try characters out in the collection just hit the dumbbell.

Now if your a new new player and don’t know which of the first three to pick. I recommend Asagi I didn’t start with her (I started with Sakura) but Asagi is well balanced and easy to play and learn her moveset and how to combo it.

But don’t worry about Meta. It’s dumb since you can just build around it with Supports, and Crest (plus 50% of the cast don’t have weaknesses or strength in arena).

But if you want to know I recommend you grab these three characters first.

  • Lina (She’s new but good).
  • Rin (She’s fast In fights).
  • Emily (She has a healing ability).

And that’s pretty much it. Just focus on getting gems and playing for fun!

My Team usually just an fyi

  • Lina.
  • Spinel.
  • Annerose.

Oh and remember to have fun and play with both hands on the keyboard at the same time!

More tips

  1. Don’t spend gems on gacha if you want to stay F2P (outside of the very first roll that is, the guaranteed UR will go a long way). Save gems for the characters and costumes you like.
  2. Don’t underestimate your weapons/supporters/magatamas. The difference between a SR weapon and a R weapon is HUGE.
  3. Make sure to farm Daily Quests. They’ll be your main way of gathering materials for upgrading your weapons and supporters.
  4. Don’t forget to farm story/time attack for stronger magatamas.
  5. Try to save AP items for events.
  6. Don’t forget the facilities. They can be a pain to upgrade, but the bonuses they give you while you aren’t playing the game will make for a much smoother start. And upgrading the exp facility is probably going to be invaluable when you finally get Shiranui.
  7. The game is eventually going to get events and challenge quests. So you want to focus on upgrading your weapons, supporter, magatamas and character as soon as possible.

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