Adverse Effect – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Simple guide to help you obtain 100% achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Follow these choices to obtain 100% completion.

Firstly name your character and choose relations and then exhaust all “hair” options using mousewheel.

  • Offer her a neck rub.
  • Offer her a foot massage.

Save 1

  • Listen a little longer.

Save 2

  • Look up
  • Wake her up
  • Any choice
  • Any choice
  • Any choice
  • Go Balls deep
  • Any choice
  • Missionary
  • Cm in her p***y!
  • Any choice
  • Any choice
  • Any choice
  • Yes!
  • Any choice
  • Bend over table
  • C*m
  • C*m inside her
  • Any choice

Load Save 1

  • Talk to her
  • Don’t wear panties tomorrow.

Load Save 1

  • You want to kiss MC

Load Save 2

  • Grab the fork

There, now you should have 100% achievements. The guide might not be the most optimal way to get them all, but hey it gets the job done right?

Created by spiti

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