Chillquarium – Fish Capitalism (XP + Money) Fast & Simple Guide

XP & money fast! No feeding, no file mods – only straight speed!

How to Earn XP + Money Fast

Guide to Fish Capitalism

Before you start: Open game settings > turn on fewer clicks mode.

Step 1: Buy most expensive fish & sell low income fish

  • Buy the most expensive fish packs you can.
  • Sell all low income and undesirable fish as babies.
  • Sort your tank by rarity the move all epic, legendary and mythic fish to a second tank THEN sort by colour and move all gold and rainbow to your third tank (if you only have one tank, lock your fish instead and prioritise buying all the tanks)

Step 2: Save & close game

Step 3: Change your computer time 7 days in the future

  • 7 days is the max period the game awards your for AFK XP.
  • Keep your computer system time window open as you will be using in frequently.

Step 4: Relaunch the game to become a fish capitalist

  • You will collect a lot of gold and some rainbow fish.
  • You will be end game very quickly.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat!

I would not concern yourself with the best income fish in each pack. Just populate your second tank with high income legendary and the mythic fish from the most expensive pack you can buy at that time. It’s the most efficient way and you will end up with the highest possible income tank in the end anyway.

Your end goal is to collect all the gold + rainbow fish and get a salt water income tank filled with colossal squids.

Enjoy your 2 hours of game play before you inevitably quit from unbearable hand cramps trying to get every gold fish by opening thousands of packs.

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