Airline Manager 4 – Basic Starter Guide

How to start, basically.

Easy Guide to Start


  1. Select Airbus as your starting plane.
  2. Sell it. If the market is under 70%, then wait or reset your account until it is for best results.
  3. Buy as many BAe 146-300s as you can. Configure them 1/3 eco, 1/3 business, 1/3 first class.
  4. If you can launch your planes a few times a day, do a marketing campaign to massively increase your income.
  5. When you reach 10 BAes, do the same, now get up to 10 MD-81s.
  6. Then repeat, do that with DC-10-10s.
  7. After you have 10 of each of these planes, you can start deciding on what planes you want to buy after this.
Created by yabastar

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