Palworld – Tip for Breeding Perfect Pals from Other Perfect Pals

Useful Tip for Breeding Perfect Pals from Other Perfect Pals

What I’m saying is a theory based on my experience opening over 1000 eggs (among many Pal breeds).

After a lot of effort I got my perfect Anubis to work on the base with the skills: Artisan, Lucky, Serious and Work Slave.

Since just 1 perfect Anubis is not enough for all my bases, I set myself the goal of getting 20 perfect Anubis.

After a lot of effort I got another one just like it, but I naively believed that by putting 2 perfect Anubis the son would have a good chance of having the same 4 abilities. It turns out that this is not the case, 1 to 3 skills are passed and the other is randomly generated.

So I put 1 perfect parent and the other with only one skill (Lucky), when I tried this with 20 eggs I found that 1/4 of the eggs were perfect, from the 20 eggs I got 5 perfect Anubis, and with 70 eggs I got the 20 Anubis Perfect that i needed for all my bases.

In conclusion, the ideal is to have only 1 Pal with 4 skills and the other with only 1 skill in common.


  1. I don’t have anything to confirm or deny your claim, but wanted to add my own anecdotal evidence:

    I bred probably 200 eggs trying to get a perfect Beakon…. still need to inject lucky into it at some point, but got Swift/Runner/Nimble on a male/female pair. If I breed these two together, I will pretty regularly get offspring that inherit all three (often with a random 4th skill)… like 25% of the time.

    Now, if I take that perfect Beakon and mix it with a Eikthyrdeer with just Swift, about 25% of the offspring (Anubis in this case) inherit the 3 skills (again, sometimes with a random 4th).

    It took forever to get Beakon with all three stats, but using that Beakon to make a Faleris (Beakon + Eithyrdeer = Anubis. Anubis + Vanwyrm = Faleris), I was able to create the Anubis in under 6 eggs… and when I paired my Swift/Runner/Nimble Anubis with a Swift Vanwyrm, I got a Swift/Runner/Nimble Faleris in under 6 eggs.

    I think there may be some truth to the ‘have one maxed parent, and another parent with just 1 skill’ approach, but would like to see a lot more data to back it up because we’re still only talking about 1000 eggs which is a very small sample size.

  2. So it is bad to have two parents share two passives while each having one different passive you want to pass down? Because that is where i am at and i am still getting eggs that have only a grey passive that neither parent have and i am so confused by this breeding system.

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