Aliens: Colonial Marines – Fast EXP Grinding for 60 Level Marine

How to Farm EXP

Start Home episode on Ultimate Badass difficulty.

Wait for her attack to container in this position.

When you see her tail and hear sound of claw swings run for first lever in front of you.

If your timing is bad, she can attack you but dont be afraid. Pull the lever anyway and run for second lever.

In this position if she is bugged and cant approach you, pull the lever quickly. If she is not bugged run towards left and hide behind that cargo lift. When she comes to you go to lever again and pull it.

Now she comes to you so run behind that lift and pull third lever.

In this position if she is bugged to left then run towards right if otherwise run towards left and bait her to come right side of you.

If you stand there she will be bugged again and will be frozen without move. To break that move towards forth lever.

Now hit the button send her to air. You will gain 2850 exp ( if im not mistaken) for that effort and its worthy. If you did all challenges, achievements and finished the campaign on ultimate badass difficulty, you will be around 50lv probably. You can grind 10lv in this map easily.

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