DELTAZEAL – 100% Achievements Guide

How to Get All Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Vassago

Wide MAX

Fill the entire Powerup bar (located at the bottom of the screen) with 10 red powerups. Since you already start with 3 red powerups, you only need to collect more 7 of the same.

Strategy: Get this in arcade mode. If you die it’s better to restart the game than trying to get them in the later stages, which are far more difficult and chaotic.

*The powerup “orbs” rotate from colors red->green->blue->repeat.

Missile MAX

Same as before, but you need to fill the Powerup bar with 10 green powerups. This time you’ll have to actually get 10 green powerups and “push” the starting 3 red powerups out of the powerup bar (just keep getting green powerups to do this).

Laser MAX

Same as before, but you need to fill the Powerup bar with 10 blue powerups. This time you’ll have to actually get 10 blue powerups as well.

Black Hole Shot Master

You need to fire one of these when your medal value is at 1000.

In case you don’t know the mechanics, here’s an explanation:

  • The black hole bullet creates a shield in front of your ship, and turns every enemy shot that hits it into medals.
  • First, to shoot it you need to hold the shoot/fire button (the non auto-fire button). The longer you hold the button, the farther you’ll launch the black hole bullet.
  • There’s a small green number above the Powerup bar, that number indicates how much the black hole shot is ready. To be able to shoot it, this number must be at least 56 (you’ll see an ‘OK’ blinking on the right side of the number). The higher this number, the longer the black hole shot will stay on the screen (maximum is 999).
  • To increase this number, you must touch the small particles left by most enemies when they are destroyed.

About medals:

  • They’re that red jewel thing dropped by enemies. The more you get them without letting them leave the screen, the higher their value becomes. Their value increase in this order: 10->20->30->40->50->100->500->1000
  • You’ll see a number appear when you collect it, this number indicates that medal’s value.

*I triggered this achievement when those green numbers above the Powerup bar where at 610, so it doesn’t need to be at 999 (which I thought to be the case at first). Just the medal value that must be at 1000.

*The achievement popped as soon as the medals started dropping from the black hole shot, which means you don’t need to collect all of them.

Rapid Series Arrival

Here things start to get foggy. As far as I know, there’s not a known exact formula to trigger these Arrival and Warning events. The only thing I know is that you need to fill certain conditions, and these conditions usually have something to do with destroying as many enemies as possible, as fast as you can, which means not letting them stay on the screen for too long and not letting them leave the screen. I’m not sure if scoring/collecting medals matters. Maybe luck is a factor too. But in any case, try to play as best as you can every stage, and eventually these events will be triggered.

The Rapid Series is a sub-boss that appears on Stage 1. It appears at about the middle of the stage. So try to destroy everything as fast as possible, collect everything, and if you reach the boss and it doesn’t appear, restart and try again.

Warning! Stage 2

As the name of achievement says, this one is unlocked during Stage 2. Destroy most of the tanks that appear in the beginning of the stage. If you destroyed enough tanks, you’ll see a WARNING text on the screen and a bunch of other tanks will appear. You need to trigger this WARNING text to get the achievement.

Trains Arrival

Also in Stage 2, this one appears closer to the end of the stage. Similarly to the previous achievements, try to play as best as you can, destroying and collecting everything. If you reach the boss without seeing the trains, it didn’t worked.

Warning! Stage 4

I always get this one. If you have a lot of red powerups, just stay near the center/bottom of the screen and destroy everything on your path during the begining of the stage until you get the WARNING text and achievement. If it doesn’t work, try collecting the medals too.

Red Submarine Arrival

This is the most mysterious of the bunch. So far I only saw these red submarines once during an arcade playthrough, which is when I managed to get the achievement. It appears in Stage 4 among the normal submarines in the WARNING section. So at least until I get more information, this is all I can say: play through the stage as best as you can and hope for the best.

Long Time No See

I got this one by not playing the game for a few days, then getting back to it. I did it entirely by accident since at the time I didn’t even know there was an achievement like this.


Beat the game using as many credits as needed.

*You get more credits over time. I think it takes 1 hour or so of gameplay to get a credit, and it’s cumulative, which means once you get one you’ll always keep it for the next playthroughs.

DELTAZEAL 1 Credit Clear

Beat the game using only one credit.

Entire Game Unlocked

Unlock every stage in the game (you must beat them first to unlock them). There are two levels 3 (3A and 3B) and two levels 5 (5A and 5B). If you want to play the A levels, stay at the left corner of the screen after you defeat the bosses on stage 2 and 4. If you want to play the B levels, stay at the right corner instead.

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