Amnesia: The Bunker – How to Get Lots of Easy Fuel

Cant find tin cans? Get bottles instead.

Get Lots of Easy Fuel

Lets Make This Easy

You will need either of these items

  1. The Wrench
  2. Bolt Cutters

Either or works.

You will have to explore maintenance so its likely you will use the wrench for this. You can do the wrench skip and go to the bolt cutters instead but you have to go through maintenance anyways.

Once you have either of the tools you will want to find the wine cellar.

The wine cellar is located at the far end of the officers quarters before maintenance. The best way I remember where this is at is “The stairs with the booby trap on it and rats at the bottom.”

Or just find it on your map I dont care. Either works.

Go down the stairs and turn left to the next set of stairs. That is the wine cellar.

Inside the caged area there are a couple crates of empty bottles. Like theres probably over 100 bottles here im not kidding.

Grab a few of these bottles and head to maintenance. You will want to locate “Fuel Storage” in maintenance. It can be found by the chapel or across the room from the pillbox. The door has a lock on it so you will either have to shoot it or cut it off.

There is a tank of seemingly limitless fuel inside of this room. You will crouch down and use an empty bottle on the valve. As far as I can tell this is in theory limitless supply of fuel. Like for real its gonna take you forever to run out of bottles. You will run out of bullets fighting the beast off occasionally using this fuel source before you run out of fuel.

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