Rogue Company – Beginners Guide

This guide would provide an overview of the game mechanics, controls, and basic strategies for new players. It could cover topics such as choosing a Rogue, understanding the different game modes, and essential tips for effective gameplay.

Guide for New Players

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Understand the Basics: Familiarise yourself with the game mechanics, controls, and objective. Learn how to aim, shoot, reload, use abilities, and interact with the environment.

Communicate and Coordinate: Communication is crucial in Rogue Company. Use voice chat or the in-game ping system to coordinate with your teammates, share information, and plan strategies.

Master Your Role: Each Rogue in the game has a unique role and abilities. Experiment with different Rogues to find the one that suits your play-style. If you prefer supporting your team, choose a medic or a utility-based Rogue. If you prefer taking down enemies, select an assault or sniper Rogue.

Learn the Maps: Understanding the layout of the maps is vital. Take the time to explore and memorise the various routes, objectives, and sight-lines. Knowing the map will give you an advantage when planning attacks or defending objectives.

Game Mechanics Overview

  • Rogue Company is a team-based multiplayer shooter where players control individual characters called “Rogues” which you can select many to play with for your multiplayer experinece.
  • The game features various objective-based game modes, such as Extraction (attacking and defending objectives) and Strikeout (team deathmatch with limited respawns).
  • Each Rogue has unique abilities, a primary and secondary weapon, and equipment to use during matches.
  • Matches are typically played in rounds, with teams taking turns as attackers and defenders.

Rogue Spotlight: Mastering Anvil

This guide would focus on one specific Rogue character, in this case, Anvil, and provide an in-depth analysis of his abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and recommended load-outs. It could also include strategies and tactics for maximising Anvil’s potential in various game scenarios.

Anvil Abilities

  • Rogue: Anvil
  • Role: Defender
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Ability 1: Barricade (Cost: 1000)

  • Anvil deploys a reinforced barricade that can block enemy movement and gunfire.
  • The barricade is a deployable object that can be placed on walls, doorways, or other surfaces.
  • It provides cover and can be used strategically to block enemy sightlines or create chokepoints.
  • The barricade has limited durability and can be destroyed by enemy gunfire or explosives.
  • Anvil can carry one barricade at a time, and deploying a new one will replace the old barricade.

Ability 2: Full-Body Armor (Cost: 4000)

  • Anvil equips himself with full-body armor, significantly reducing incoming damage for a limited duration.
  • While the armor is active, Anvil takes reduced damage from all sources, making him highly durable in combat.
  • The duration of the armor ability is relatively short, so timing its activation is crucial.
  • Anvil can activate the full-body armor once per round, and it requires a significant amount of money to purchase.

Passive Ability: Barricade Barrage

  • Anvil’s passive ability allows him to carry extra barricades, increasing his tactical flexibility.
  • By default, Anvil can carry two barricades instead of one, providing him with more opportunities to fortify positions and block enemy movement.
  • This passive ability synergizes well with his primary ability, Barricade, allowing him to create more defensive setups.

Advantages of Rogue Company

  • Diverse Rogues: Rogue Company offers a wide selection of Rogues, each with its own playstyle, abilities, and weapon loadouts. This allows players to find a Rogue that suits their preferred gameplay style.
  • Teamwork: The game heavily emphasizes teamwork and coordination among players. By working together, players can execute strategies, coordinate attacks, and secure objectives effectively.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Rogue Company encourages tactical decision-making. Players must consider factors such as map layout, Rogue abilities, and positioning to outsmart opponents and gain an advantage.
  • Responsive Controls: The game provides smooth and responsive controls, making it accessible and enjoyable for both new and experienced players.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Rogue Company supports cross-platform play, allowing players on different platforms to compete together.

Disadvantages of Rogue Company

  • Learning Curve: Like any multiplayer shooter, Rogue Company has a learning curve. New players may take some time to familiarise themselves with the different Rogues, abilities, and maps.
  • Limited Maps: While Rogue Company offers a decent selection of maps, the current map pool might feel limited for players who desire more variety.
  • In-Game Purchases: The game includes cosmetic items and other optional purchases. While these are not necessary for game-play, some players may find the presence of micro-transactions or the desire to acquire certain items through game-play progression a drawback.

Essential Tips for Beginners

  • Experiment with Rogues: Try different Rogues to discover your preferred play-style. Some Rogues excel in close-quarters combat, while others are better suited for long-range engagements or support roles.
  • Communication and Teamwork: Use voice chat or in-game communication features to coordinate with your teammates. Sharing information about enemy positions, planned strategies, and objective control is crucial.
  • Map Awareness: Pay attention to the map layout and objective locations. Understanding the map will help you make informed decisions about positioning, flanking routes, and where to expect enemy encounters.
  • Utilise Rogue Abilities: Make the most of your Rogue’s abilities to gain an advantage in fights or assist your team. Each ability has a unique purpose, such as healing, providing Intel, or dealing damage, so learn to use them strategically.
  • Learn from Experience: As you play more matches, you will develop better game sense and understand Rogue Company’s mechanics more deeply. Don’t be discouraged by losses, as they can provide valuable learning opportunities.

Remember: the “Beginner’s Guide to Rogue Company” should aim to provide comprehensive information and advice to new players, helping them grasp the fundamentals of the game and set them on a path to improve their skills.

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