Angel at Dusk – Weapons and Strategy Guide

For anyone struggling with the game, I describe the best weapons and strategy to use. Warning! Only use this advice if you are stuck, I do not wish to spoil your fun in experimenting with the wealth of available options.

Guide to Weapons and Strategy

Note: Credit goes to Goust


What is going on in this game?

You may be confused on what’s up with the game modes. I believe that you can figure it out, but I will spell it out here. Arcade mode has a selection of a few levels and difficulties and is where you will unlock and play with different ships with various gimmicks and preset weapon loadouts.

Original mode’s Chronicle section is where the meat of the game lies. There are 32 levels each with a varying amount of stages. There are two categories of stages, red skull stages are the standard and will take you further along the path. Orange skull stages will conclude the path and give you an illustration at the end. You must complete all orange skull stages to unlock level 32 and fight the final boss.

Weapons and How to Use Them

I’m going to start with your heavy weapon, because that is what you will be using most of the time. You will take the “Moflomlnmo” which will be referred to as the missiles.

Unlike most heavies, these do not delete bullets on hit, rather the explosions they generate on hit delete bullets. This stops most attacks from ever reaching you. The missiles are also great for clearing out the one shot trash mobs due to the lingering explosion damage. You need to be prefiring these before the enemies enter the screen in order for them to have the most effect.

Next up is your basic autofire shot. Select the “Pionpiy” or “Pionpiy-tamo” weapon.

This is the weapon you will use on bosses and the hardier elite enemies. You need to find a safe opening to use this weapon, and when you do, ram your face into them while firing at point blank range. Only choose the single or double version, or it will be harder to apply the damage to the target you want. You don’t need more streams because the missiles are already doing area damage for you.

Finaly, we come to the V.O.M weapon. Choose the “Julw-Gnyouho-L”.

The description states that it does not make you invulnerable, but this is false, The beam it emits is always large enough to surround your hitbox and delete any bullet that comes near. In addition, it deals decent damage and you can fire your basic weapon while the V.O.M is firing. Best use is against bosses where you will proceed to fire it during a difficult attack pattern and ram your face into the enemies core while firing the basic attack.

Final Tips

  • Make sure your basic shot and heavy shot buttons are in places that will be comfortable to hold down for an extended period of time. I prefer L1 and R1 on controller.
  • Ignore the orange skull levels until you are ready. They tend to be harder than the red skulls near them, so focus on getting to a higher level first so that you can go back to them with higher level weapons. Same goes for any other stage that you are struggling with.
  • Unless you can safely kill the enemy before they start firing, keep that missile button held down to prevent attacks from coming through.
  • Always use the first few seconds of the boss to maximize damage, but don’t forget to back off and leave enough time to start firing missiles before their shot is finished charging.

P.S. If you are completely over the game, but are still interested in the lore, you can find the text at steamapps\common\Angel at Dusk\lang\eng\text_dusk_story

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