Another Farm Roguelike – Guide for All Levels and Tips for Easier Game

Guide for most of the earlier game and how to optmize a few aspects to make the game easier, even in Ultimate mode.

All Level Guide with Tips

I finished the normal Ultimate mode and have been playing to complete 100% achievements.


First, a few tips:

  • Hit the big stones with the cooper or lower hammer (this means 1st few days).
  • Multiplier Bug: Furnace and other buildings can give 2x or even 3x more items than they should (use the hot keys I, O and P really fast) – use at your own discretion
  • As other people say, fishing is OverPowered by a lot. But that’s is even more broken with fishing bonus and totems – will teach you how along the guide
  • Consumables has their items tagged as consumables. For example, Apple and Orange are not. To use consumables (which is only some plates and potions), select them in the hotkey bar and left-click
  • Some bonus days and a couple of bonus add more money to anything sold. You can basically buy seeds and sell them for the same price + bonus. Some days even gift a fixed amount every item bought, meaning you pay $5 for most seed and get $20-$30 money for each seed which you can resell for absolutely no loss.
  • Plan ahead if farming, the bad days with 50% crops destroyed can completely anihilate your game.
  • Try stacking bonus, for example, fishing. Some of them give more sardine or raises chances of getting fish. Add that to totems that equally do that or double those bonus and you can cacth lots of fish in the same 10 energy. Also, since sardine come in the thousands when you do that, any benefit that pays more for each sardine is awesome.
  • Falling fruit (black market upgrade) is awesome. You can probably win with just that in easy mode. Try your utmost to get that fast, although depends on luck. But sell ores and other stuff for this one, it usually pays itself in a single day.
  • There is a black market bonus that makes you drop alchemy itens with every tool used. Extremely useful for fishing and basically anything else.


Lots of people think differently, but this is just my opinion. Also, please not that fishing build is overpowered and really easy to win with, although basically the same strategy applies to all other classes, explanation in the next sections.

My most prefered classes:

  • Miner – Doing it right, you can fully stock 4 or over furnaces in the first day, which is a huge advantage
  • Shaman – You start with a rat trap and alchemy potion basically on hand, by the 3rd or 4th day. That compounds on benefits really fast (like over 1k sardines in 1 gold/diamond fishing rod)
  • Lumberjack – You need a LOT of wood early game to build totems and all other buildings. The benefit is huge along the game.
  • Fisherman – Can complete with no effort the medium diffult just creating a furnace, going gold fishing rod and fishing all day every day. For ultimate, it’s bottom of them all with the rest…
  • The rest – Really, aside from that, all other benefits don’t add all that much.
  • Builder speeds up the game by just a tiny bit and Smith is the same, but depends of luck to go to diamond.
  • The others make more money along way late game, but by then, you just don’t really need the benefits (you can see the math in the next sections)
  • Merchant – Doesn’t do anything in the game.

The headstart in money doesn’t speed up your game much early game when you don’t even need money, just furnaces and ores. Nor has a benefit late game when you have way more gold than the class started with. Please, understand that you can easily make over 100k in 2 weeks and by the 4th week you can basically skip days without energy use, simply because you can sit at over 500k money even after spending a lot.

This one is useful for easy and medium, but for that hard and ultimate modes, doesn’t speed things by much.


Same basic strategy for all classes, but as I said, Miner gets the head start here for simple reasons:

Day 1 – Make as many furnaces as you can.

  • If you get Iron Pickaxe, hit anything, preferably small rocks.
  • If Stone Pickaxe, hit the big ones for more stone per energy used.
  • Every 20 stone, get 3 coal. I recommend the big coal, but you can try the math with the small one too.
  • Every 3 coal, get 3 cooper or, until 5+. If using the multiplication bug, just 3 should be enough for the first day.
  • If you going for Miner, probably focus in gold ore first. Pickaxe is the top priority in the first 2 days.
  • If Miner = 1 cooper furnace, 2 (3 if not using bug) gold furnace and 1 iron furnace
  • If not Miner = 1 cooper furnace, 2 iron / 1 gold furnace.
  • If no bug = 1 cooper furnace, 1 iron furnace. And 1 iron/ 2 cooper 3rd furnace, if possible.

Day 2 – If multiplication bug was used, upgrade 2 tools. Would probably recommend pickaxe and hammer, for the benefit of building more furnaces and buildings with less energy.

  • Repeat day one.
  • For Miner, focus on Gold Pickaxe and then Gold Axe, but try to get at least Iron Hammer.
  • If using bug = go for Gold Pickaxe at all costs. If you can’t make 3 furnaces, you might as well put 2 cooper in one furnace instead in day 1.
  • If not using bug, go for Iron Pickaxe and copper hamer. Anything above that is a bonus, but probably not mathematically possible.
  • The bonus you get here can’t define the game.

Day 3 – Hopefully Gold Axe and Pickaxe. If so, go for rat traps. At least 5 by day 4 or 5. The goal is to get alchemy itens. Don’t forget “Falling Fruit” as it’s an easy win if you get it.

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