FATE: The Traitor Soul – Easy Gold Farming Guide (No Exploits/Cheats)

How to easily farm gold, without cheating or exploits.

Guide to Easy Gold Farming

Note: Credit goes to Cola Mike

Easy 6-Step Process

  • Go to any of the towns.
  • Find the blacksmith or mixed equipment merchant.
  • Purchase any unenchanted equipment item. That part is important: the amount you pay in the first place to get an enchanted item isn’t worth it if you’re just going to turn around and resell it after you enchant it more.
  • Go to the enchanter and enchant the item until you get any kind of purple/teal enchantment. If you get sockets, enchant it again. If you get nothing, enchant it again. If you get an enchantment that makes it magical or unique, STOP. After you get at least one enchantment that isn’t a socket, it almost always becomes cost prohibitive to keep enchanting the same item (unless it’s a negative enchantment, in which case you don’t want to continue wasting money on it anyway).
  • Sell your newly enchanted items. Sometimes you will roll low and lose money on an item, but you should, on average, make a tidy profit (especially on unique items).
  • Repeat until satisfied.


  • Kill two birds with one stone: focus on items that fit your build (i.e. items in your weapon class, armor that you meet the requirements for, etc). Ideally you will roll high on an item you can use and get unique enchantments that are better than whatever you have currently equipped. Even if you can’t currently equip an item because your stats or renown are too low, enchant it anyway; if you get lucky on it, you can always put it in your stash for later.
  • My route for farming is as follows: Start at The Temple of Fate and buy from the mixed equipment merchant there, then go to one of the towns and buy from the mixed equipment and blacksmith merchants there. Utilize your pet as needed if you run out of inventory space. Then, once you have everything you want to enchant from those three merchants, visit the enchanter and enchant all of the items. Finally, sell your haul and (hopefully) turn a profit. Every time you change maps, the merchants reset their inventory, making this an efficient method of purchasing new viable items to enchant.
  • Focus on the higher level items (especially ones with renown requirements–elite or legendary prefix) once you have enough of a buffer that you can afford to lose some money if you get unlucky rolls. You’ll get to the point where unique enchantments on higher tier armor will net you at least a million gold per item, more than enough to offset any hauls where you have a net loss.
  • Avoid the jewelry. Stacking enchantments on them is relatively low cost (as opposed to armor/weapons where the enchanting cost skyrockets after the first success), but your return is meager even if you get lucky with a unique. Only bother with them if you really, really need better jewelry. And be careful about pressing your luck; you might be tempted to keep enchanting the same piece of jewelry because it’s low cost, but you could wind up disenchanting it or adding penalty lines.
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