Anvil Saga – Reputation Guide

Reputation mechanics is unclear. Here I’ll try to make it easier for you to decide which orders to accept and when.

Factions and Professions

  • France: Peasants, Merchants, Hunters, Soldiers, Knights, Scholars
  • England: Peasants, Merchants, Hunters, Soldiers, Knights, Scholars
  • Bandits: Thieves, Assasins, Scholars
  • Witches: Witch
  • The Holy Church: Monk

Note: “Thieves” and “Assasins” are not official names but I was strugle to finde how to call them. I’ll update names if I’ll find the proper ones.

General Logic

  • If you accept order from any factions any profession but will not complete it you will loose -1 reputation
  • If you decline order from bandits (any profession) you will loose -1 reputation from bandits
  • If you pay taxes you will get +5 reputation (works for England, France, The Holly Church) but only up to 70

Customers and Their Reputation Changes

Different proffessions has different reputation changes. There are also static reputation change I’ll use “S” (despite of the cirumstances reuptation will change) and dynamic reputation change I’ll use “D” (depends on the cirumstances you may loose additional reputation)

Depending on circumstances some professions from other factions may turn around and leave

UI has a lot of bugs, you may see above customers -10 +2 -1 or -1 above 2 customers, all that doesn’t represent actual situation, you may ignore those values (may be it will be fixed). Some times they work correctly but in most cases they are wrong and missleading.

  • Witch: +2 “S” Witch -10 “D” The Holy Church (IF monk near your station), all monks on the screen will leave
  • Monk: +2 “S” The Holy Church -10 “D” Witch (IF witch near your station), all wiitches on the screen will leave
  • Peasants: no changes to reputation
  • Merchants: +1 “S” France/England -1 “D” England/France (IF England/France merchant, hunter near your station)
  • Hunter: +1 “S” France/England -1 “D” England/France (IF England/France merchant, hunter near your station), all England/France merchants, hunters on the screen will leave
  • Soldiers: +1 “S” France/England -1 “S” England/France
  • Thieves: no changes to reputation, England and France merchants and hunters on the screen will leave
  • Assassins: +1 “S” Bandits -1 “S” England -1 “S” France, England and France merchants and hunters on the screen will leave

Note: When compleating order for example for the witch you will loose only 10 reputation even if you have 2 or more monks near your station (same for other “D” reputation loss).

Note: You will loose “D” reputation only if corresponding customer NEAR your station if customer is only going towards it (didn’t stop yet) then you will not loose reputation.

Bonus Tip

Hot tip to make the last 20 days and final smith battle easier

After the 2nd blacksmith contest, don’t level up your forge. Don’t unlock carving or the trait reset chair. With 430 fame I was still able to fix the cabin for assistants (even if they are still bugged) and the carving table bug doesn’t happen because the tutorial character never appears. You do get requests for carving in the final blacksmith battle but you can just deny them and still win.

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