PAYDAY 3 – Overkill Made Easy

Stupid strategy to do overkill easily, although a bit slow.

Overkill Made Easy

Overkill is a tough difficulty, and if you run out of resources, its over. But I pretty quickly found a way to cheese it if such a situation happens.

Have one dedicated anchor player, said anchor player needs to be a bit more safe, and to be near a safe spot with some armor if problems arise.

For this strategy you should have at least 3 players, though 4 are preferred.

Said anchor player also needs:

  • Engineer aced, ap turret, cooling system, dual sentries.
  • Detonation and spin cycle optional but preferred.
  • Beyond that what skills you take is up to you, I have some survival stuff, and some skills for my throwing knives.

Weapons are up to you, though due to the nature of this strategy, shotguns might help out in a pinch.

Deployable will be the sentry turret.

Overkill weapon should be the het-5 red fox, if you dont have it, maybe have a buddy let you steal one, throwable can be frag, just be careful careful, flashbang + magdump, or throwing knife if several people slip in at once, dont bother with smokes really.

Tool can be microcam for checking outside the door, infrasonic mine for quick stunning people who try to walk in, or motion sensor, also for spotting.

Basically, the anchor player locks themself into a room with 1 way in or out when things go awry, and set up any tool outside or in the doorway as needed, the room should have a spot you can hide where there’s no sight lines out the door, set up sentries either watching the door to shoot anyone who gets near, or just around the door to shoot anyone who steps inside, use your best judgement.

Make sure you have an het-5 on you for this, as you may need it, turrets can deal with pretty much everyone except bulldozers, that’s where that sniper comes in, as it can quickly 2 shot bulldozers before they’re much of a threat.

Once you’re set up in that room, and can pretty safely hold out for quite a while, wait for your team to end up dying and respawning, hide out in the room until the whole team is back, and have the other 3 move out to continue with the objectives while you stand your ground, you will help pull a few cops away from them, and if they die again, just rinse and repeat.

Remember when I said it can take a bit? Yeah having trouble with something like “no rest for the wicked”‘s loud secure, you might have to push 3 bags at a time, then one final push out when you’re ready to leave if your team has some armor.

Road rage does not have such a room so this wont really work there, but that heist is usually quick enough you can push through before you risk running out of resources.

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