BarnFinders – All Achievements Guide (Bid Wars DLC)

As with many people, I didn’t enjoy this DLC. It was rather short and bland, but you really want to have all the achievements, because you have that intrinsic sense to complete everything.

This guide is for you and before getting to the achievements, maybe you wish to get them yourself.

Because they are secret achievements, I will show the completed versions, so anyone can achieve them themselves by reading the achievement caption. For everyone else, a more detailed guide will be available.

Detailed Achievement Guide

Note: Credit goes to Highlander

1) Back To Business

This is achieved as soon as you bought the DLC and entered the DLC zone, duh…

2) It Should Be Easier After All

You get this after completing the tutorial. If you play the DLC even 5 minutes you will get this.

3) Where’s Mo Money

The first auction is won by following the tutorial. Do you really need a guide for this?

4) If You Want To Be Rich

Bounties are found by travelling to the pocket dimension and going to the main board. There you may find the BOUNTIES tab on the right side of the top ribbon and there you will find all available bounties. You need to complete one bounty to achieve this.

The item required is a crafted item. When crafting an item, you may see a WANTED poster next to an item you can craft that is needed for a bounty on the board.

5) Like A Rolling Stoner

Follow the images bellow to reach the Adventure Zone gate. It is located to the left of the snowman auction zone. The cost to unlock this zone is 300 BC, so make sure you gather that amount before going there.

6) Higher Culture

Now this achievement may be a bit tricky. You need to reach the camp at the top of the mountain in the Adventure Zone. It is located above the Totem auction zone. You will see a flight of stairs near the entrance of the Totem auction zone. Going up you will reach the camp illustrated below. At the back of the camp you may see six blue portable toilets.

If looking from an angle, you may see that one of them has its door slightly open (At another time I found two open, but it doesn’t matter which one you interact with). Interact with it and it will close. Then you need to find the next one which has its door open and repeat the process until you see them all open their doors and hear a song played by farts. Then you will receive the achievement.

7) Everybody Is In The Place

This achievements requires the player to find all the horses missing from the carousel located at the entrance of the Adventure Zone. Below you can see the carousel that has the missing pieces.

From the carousel you can see a building with MIKKO Carnival Souvenirs above. To the right there are two cardboard vending machines with sodas, one green one red. Behind them you may find the first horse.

In the same area, to the left of the auction containers, you may see a wooden watch tower. Go to it, climb the ladder and you can find the second piece of the carousel. (You may glitch after climbing, use crouch and jump repeatedly to glitch out of the tower. Shaking my head developers…)

Going back to the above mentioned Totem Auction Zone, in front of the stairs that lead to the camping zone you can see a roller coaster cart aflame. Behind it one can find the third piece.

Lastly, going to the Mine auction zone, after going through the portal you can see some carts that block the path forward. Additionally, the builder NPC can be seen standing near them. Inside one of the carts you can find the last horse.

After finding all of them go to the carousel and you can see it starts spinning, awarding you with the achievement.

8) Last Movie Ticket

Unlock the Cinema Zone by gathering 1000 BC and going to the portal to pay up.

9) Should Work?

This achievement is awarded after crafting 20 items. Pretty straight forward, just keep on buying containers at auctions, buy all the crafting stations and keep crafting until you see the achievement pop up.

10) You Know This Is A Potty?

In the pocket dimension you can upgrade your storage capacity by buying potties(the default capacity is 33 items). By buying another potty, an additional 33 storage capacity will be unlocked, which costs 200 BC. You can buy up to 5 additional potties, making up for a total of 1000 BC for all of them.

11) Bid, Sale, Sleep, Repeat

This achievement is unlocked by buying all the cinema screens located in the Cinema Zone. By following the images, you can reach the Cinema auction zone and there you may see five red curtains vis-a-vis of the containers. The costs of each screen is in this order: 50-50-50-100-200, meaning the total is 450 BC. Buy each of them and the achievement will be unlocked.

12) Get Rich Or Bid Tryin’

Achieved by finding All Posters in the DLC. There already is one which is very well made and I will link it here.

13) Everything Fits Perfectly

This is achieved by disassembling items and collecting 100 of each at the same time. I recommend collecting about 50 items to be sure you get it and disassemble them.

14) Mikko Man

Whenever the player completes a bounty, they recieve a new recipe that they don’t already know. Keep completing bounties until you have every single recipe unlocked.

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