Barotrauma – Doctor Guide

A guide for people that don’t know what medic does and his medicines.

Before You Read

This guide was kinda rushed, the picture and screenshots are not completely done, so it probably will look pretty bland. be patient with me. also some stuff may be showed with “███” (redacted) stuff, thats to not spoil some stuff like an infection, you gotta find that out yourself. hint hint, use some special eggs on someone and it starts infecting the person with whatever it is. make sure they actually agree so that they dont call security on you and then you get detained, yeah.

The Class

The First Thing You Should Know About Medic Is First Of All, Do You Even Like Medic? When you got that done you’ll wanna proceed.


At The Start Of Your journey your gonna wanna know what meds do what, use morphine as a safe way of healing damage inside the body (internal damage) and slightly heal burns, use fentanyl as a more dangerous way of healing internal damage, and good for burns. fentanyl usually takes 1 dose to do a minor overdose, 2 to overdose, 3 is 100% death to human subjects without steroids, morphine takes about 3 until it gets dangerous.

You’ll also want bandages or plastiseal, as they heal bleeding wounds or gunshot wounds. gunshot wounds produce the bleeding effect and is kinda hard to get rid off, just either spam bandages or use plastiseal or glue on it.

Use Blood packs to heal blood loss by bleeding or just use saline if u wanna save resources.

Use the syringe gun to heal people from farther away, this can use a whole syringe meaning fentanyl can kill way faster with this, also can be used to cure ████ infections from far away without getting infected.

Opposite Medicine

While you are playing medic u may find out that some stuff can kill people, those are poisons and they can be used to become a combat medic and kill creatures without wasting ammo

Morbusine: slowly drains the health, can be cured with the antidote, same as sufforin, makes the patient have trouble breathing and slow their heartrate slow down quickly, if not getting an antidote in about 50 seconds, they will die

Sufforin: drains the health, can be cured with the antidote, causes screen distortion, slower movement and quickly reduces the max health. kills players in about 50 seconds, leads to delusions and rapid death if not cured fast enough

Deliriumine: makes stuff see stuff that isnt real, only works on humans, has an antidote, exhibits paranoia and hallucinates the victim.

Cyanide: quickly reduces the health of the player, makes the patient have trouble breathing and have muscle spasms occasionally. kills a player after 100 seconds, takes around 70 to permanently stun the victim like its in a coma. makes the victim have a way worse screen distortion and slower movement speed than sufforin and morbusine.

█████████ Eggs: it ███████ the person with ████.

Most of your killing will be with fentanyl, which can be used to quickly overdose people.


You may notice some people get diseased or infected, this is a small segment that probably isnt done that contain some infections you should know.

Space Herpes: if you have a low enough karma value in servers with karma, it gives lower max health, lowered movement speed, blurry and distorted screen, faitning, and weaknesses. also gets u blisters on ur face which shows that ur kinda a griefer. decays over time as the karma increases again

████ Infection: this infection is special, it can be caused by ████s (zombie looking guys) and human████s, at 100% the victim slowly dies and becomes one, around 30-50% the victim becomes mute, and clicking sounds occasionally make a meeting seeming to sound like its coming from the throat, at 80% the victim can ██████ other people.

idk anymore infections but idk if there really is anymore yet.

Misc (List Of A Ton Of Side Effects And Afflictions)

This is a spot that isnt named yet, still in beta like i told you and is still rushed.

Vigor: defends the person from damage by up to 75% resistance! decays overtime lasting 60 seconds with steroids.

Pressure Resistance: an admin command affliction that makes u invincible to pressure, useful if u wanna teleport people into death like an evil person

Psychosis Resistance: stops people from hallucinating by up to 75% resistance.

████ Infection Resistance: Protects The Player From The ████ Infection Up To 75%

Hyperactivity: Makes You As Fast As The Safe Limit (the fasted speed obtainable before u start taking damage to collision due to impacts) takes 80 seconds to go away for meth, 100 for hyperzine

Slow Metabolism: makes all buffs (and debuffs) take longer to go away, useful for treating critically wounded people (knocked out) so that the treatments u get them next will last longer and be more efficient. try not to use on people with a lot of debuffs, by drinking tonic liquid

radiation sickness: a very dangerous sickness by being infected by radiotoxin, a nuclear reactor meltdown or other nuclear disasters. progressively causes burns on each limb, making the burn stronger and stronger over time. doesnst decay over time and just gets progressively worse instead of decaying, requires antirad to be fixed.

Gunshot Wound: causes bleeding over time, caused by gun shots. can be healed with bandages or plastiseal, or possibly glue.

Opiate addiction: makes the person very slowly get opiate withdrawal if the addiction is too bad, if the patient takes more opiates (morphine, opium, fentanyl, etc) it will heal teh withdrawal but make teh addiction worse, risking to overdose, decays slowly without opiates for a while, naloxone helps.

opiate overdose: not much to say, if u see a black skull with a syringe ur prob gonna die, the more serious the more screen distortion. progressively kills the player fast depending on the severity, can be cured with naloxone, decays. if not treated for a while, will cause withdrawal and most likely some addiction making it even worse and make u slowly die.

opiate withdrawal: gives lower max health over time, slower speed, distorted screen, strange colors in your tunnel vision and speech impairment making it a bit harder to see chat and what ppl are saying, very slowly decays without an overdose or addiction aside it, treated with naloxone.

Drunk: exactly what u think it is, distorts ur screen more and more depending on the severity, slower speed, lower max health, speech impairment. can be slightly cured with liquid oxygenite or just by waiting, if too severe the patient will be ‘WASTED’ which makes them get knocked out, the patient will slowly wake up soon after. if the patient keeps getting WAY too much ethanol, they will die to alcohol poisoning.

psychosis: literally just hallucinations, nothing to say.

████ infection sneak peek: “something dark and unpleasant moves in the mouth. they are rendered completely mute, save for occasional clicking sounds apparently emanating from the deep within the throat.”

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