Blasphemous 2 – How to Deal 250+ Points of DMG

This guide is oriented to explain how to earn the achievement Blasphemy! (Deal 250 hit points on a single strike).

Blasphemy! Achievement Guide


The best weapon for this achievement is Veredicto due to it’s high base damage. My recommendation is having the whole tech tree unlocked and upgraded.

The Build

The build is very simple, you only need to combine The Oiled and The Confessor; for the others you can simply choose from the Veredicto’s bonus panel since it doesn’t really matter what combo you make, it’ll always give us the same buff.


  • The next step is… die.
  • Die a lot.

Die so much that your faith bar becomes a guilt bar (Actually a 75% guilt bar will works too), we make this because the bonus shall give us more damage the more guilt we have.

Image of the confessor because I forgot to keep the one with the bar of guilt lmao.


I recommend to do this with the mob right before entering the main city, what we will do is turn on fire Veredicto and charge the attack so when the mob comes to us, we can attack it and that’s all, achievement unlocked!

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