Blood Hunting – Survival Guide

These tips should help you survive Blood Hunting while you experience the horror.

Explore Carefully

Note: Credit goes to cholcomb

Blood Hunting has clues throughout the game that can help uncover the mystery.

Examine each room carefully and pick up everything possible since that clue could be needed to solve the puzzle later.

Take Advice from the Stranger

There is a stranger that is helping you. They will send you texts to help provide guidance at certain levels of the game.

Be sure to follow their directions to help move forward to the next level. If you forget a text message press the tab key for a reminder.

Beware of the Hunt

As you explore you may have close encounters with those that are after you. Since you cannot fight, the only way to survive is to hide and avoid being caught.

You will find various ways to hide, but only if you are on the lookout for them. Use them as needed to avoid your own death.

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