Dungeon Lords – Attributes Guide

Some details on the attributes and what exactly they do.


As the Steam version of the game doesn’t really specify what each of the attributes does in detail and if there are any caps for them, I did some quick testing myself with the values.

All of them where done with a level 1 character, so there might be some deviations through aspects considering the character level in any of the formulas.


Increases the actor’s melee damage by a flat 1 min and max damage every 10 points invested over 20


Increases your max MP by a flat 2 per point invested.

Not sure if there’s a hidden multiplier including the character’s level and intellect for the max mana gained on a level up.


1 Point increases your crit chance by around 0,1426%, or exactly 1% every 7 points.

Your basic crit chance starts at 3,00%

Thus it hard caps at 679 points, giving you exactly 100% crit chance.

It also increases your chance to hit enemies, which seems to be influenced by their own stats and lthe level difference in some way, but i couldn’t extract any exact values on that.


It decreases the cooldown between attacks, effectively increasing your attack speed. There are two milestones you can even see as your speed attribute.

The second one is also the hardcap for the speed increase, apart from any other effects like heraldries.

  • First milestone at 56, for 100%
  • Second Milestone at 78, for 200%

Agility also increases your chance to dodge by 0.2 per invested point. Reaching 500 points will effectively net you 100% and thus render you invincible against any physical attacks, even projectiles like arrows and thrown weapons. You will still be hit by magic attacks though.


Each point increases your max health by a flat 2 points.

As with max mana, there may be a part in the max health on level up gained, scaling with vitality. But I couldn’t verify it to 100%.


Increases your earned XP by 1% for each point invested above 20, capping at 50%. Thus reaching 70 honor will give you the maximum extra XP yield.

It also seems to influence the bargain factor for traders, but I didn’t test it enough for an exact value to include here.

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