BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut – If ‘Nowhere You Can Hide’ Achievement Still Does Not Work for You

Despite claims ablut fixing the achievement it still did not work for me and I really REALLY did not want to go through the game again just for a chance to get it, so here are some tips on how you can get it.

General Info

This worked for me on 1.05 version. Pray to whoever you want for dev not to fix glitch that makes this workaround of their other glitch possible

Gate That Saved The Day

On the level Shroud Tower – Ascent there is a special gate that due to the glitch does not dissapear after you exit the Vampire Layer, so you can reenter it as much as you want. It’s a bit hard to access with a chance of falling off and need to climb back after but still easier then to rerun entire game and hope that achievement pops.

So yeah, enter that gate over and over until achievement pops.

If you want to try and get this achievement legit – you can go ahead and do that but Make Sure Not To Override You “Shroud Tower – Ascent” save. You can go back to it once you realise achievement failed for you.

For a specific Lair location please see a video gide. The Layer we need is a layer №11, section starts at 17:41

So, How Many Those Cursed Jumps I Need to Make?

Despite having found all previous 10 Lairs game seems to not count them for me and I had to reenter that layer 15 times. I’m afraid you will have to do the same. Please PLEASE try not to fall to your death as I simply don’t know if death will reset the counter

“Help, achievement did not pop and I don’t have a save at Shroud Tower – Ascen”

Well, today is your lucky day, because I have a save file for you:
  1. Download archive.
  2. Go to C:\Users\{Your_Name}\Documents\
  3. Make a copy of BloodRayne2 folder and name it something like BloodRayne2-back(or don’t if you don’t care about your old saves).
  4. Unpack SaveData.sav from archive into C:\Users\{Your_Name}\Documents\BloodRayne2\savegame , replacing the file that is already there.
  5. Launch game, load save from Shroud Tower – Ascen, play level as normal untill you reach Lair gates, enter them 15 times.
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