Escape Simulator VR – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VR devices?

For now, the game will be playable on Meta Oculus Quest 2, Meta Oculus Quest 3,Steam Index, HTC Vive and a few more popular devices. We hope to bring it to as many VR devices as we can.

What specs?

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10-capable GPU
  • Storage: 18 GB available space
  • VR Support: Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, Steam Index, and more…
  • Additional Notes: Some community-made rooms are quite big and performance heavy and need more RAM memory and better GPU.

When will it be released?

Our plan is to go early access later this year. However this isn’t a fixed plan and it’s prone to changes. We will keep the community updated.

Why early access?

Escape Simulator has been incredibly well received by players since its release in 2021. We’ve set a high bar of quality for our games, and we don’t want to bring anything less than that same level of polish and content to our players in VR. Given that this is our first VR title, we need to have a thorough understanding of the expectations of the players for Escape Simulator VR.

We feel like this task would be incredibly difficult without fully and openly involving the community. As a result, we have decided to release the game through Early Access. We have no doubts that this collaboration will result in a fully polished game, and that we will further expand our already incredible community.

How much will the full version of Escape Simulator VR cost?

At the moment we still don’t have a defined price for the full version, but we will try to make it budget friendly, similar to the base game. Also, we’ll give out a discount to all our ES players.

I already bought the base game, will there be a loyalty discount?

We will try to implement a discount to our loyal player-base who already own the base game. This is something we have to go through with steam, and see if that’s even possible. If it’s possible, we will do it.

Why did you choose to make the VR version a separate purchase?

We invested a lot of development time into making the VR version, and we still have a lot left to do. We want to make a great game and spend as much time in development as we have to. Therefore, we need to have some compensation in the end to enable us to continue making great games.

Which platforms?

Steam with Early Access.

Meta Store? Yes, we would like to bring the game there too.

I already bought the Steampunk and/or Wild West DLC, will I need to buy it again to play these rooms in VR?

No, if you already bought one of the DLC packs, you won’t need to repurchase them. The DLC packs that you already purchased will be playable in the VR version.

Will future Escape Simulator free content updates/DLC come to the VR version as well? At the same time?

Yes! We would like to release the updates at the same time, but that might not always be possible. So it will depend on the update/DLC.

Will there be a special VR room build option for the VR version?

We are still exploring this idea.

Will all of the community rooms be playable in VR?

Yup! All of the community rooms will be playable in VR.

Will Escape Simulator VR further optimize motion sickness setting in the game?

We’ll make sure to make the game run smoothly so there is no motion sickness. We’ll also add anti-motion sickness options and a bunch of different ways to control the game so everyone can choose the one that works for them.

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