Botany Manor – 100% Walkthrough Guide

This is a guide to growing plants and the key steps to unlocking them.

Complete Walkthrough

A Fresh Start

    Planting base: take a pot, add soil, seed and water.

    Windmill Wort

    Set the desired temperature 60℃, put the flower in front of the heat sink and press the button.

    Survivors of Adversity

      Follow the path and turn right. Take the key and walk backwards along the path. The house is now available for you to explore.


      Bring the pot into the living room and place it in front of the camera. Go back to the room with the lab. Mix potassium x2 and magnesium x1 and bring the solution to the living room. Add the solution to the container (to the right of the camera), close it and take a photo.

      Ash Plume

      First, the pot needs to be placed on the pan in the kitchen so the sprout can grow. Then take it to the Smokery. Add oak to the roaster in the floor.

      Peculiar Petals

        The secret entrance is in the room with the weights. Expose the year of the mansion’s founding 1593 on them to open the door.

        Pixie Tears

        You need to bring a pot of sprouts to the Cider Garden. Make a combination of apples that will equal 97g. Pr, Knobby Russet, Seymour’s Delight, Bitter Greenstreak. Put the apples under the press.


        You need to bring the pot with the sprout to the tower. On the first floor open 1 leaf, on the second floor do not open, on the third floor open both leaves, on the fourth floor open both leaves.

        Botanical Allies

          Instead of the key you will find a letter from your sister, her initials will be the password to the library on the second floor EAH (husband’s last name).

          The password to the library is to arrange the tales from sunrise to sunset Sunrise – Fish – Hare – Crow – Nightfall.


          Bring a pot of sprout to the attic and place in front of the projector. Arrange the colors as in the picture for September blue, red, orange, red

          Sapphire Gloom

          Place the pot with the sprout by the tree in the house.

          Cradle Fern

          Bring the pot with the flower to the music room. Play owl music E S D E G F

          Brook Chalice

          Put the pot with the sprout in the bathtub. Take the dirty pig from the attic and also put it into the bathtub. Set the temperature to 25℃.

          Climbing Up

            To make the water fill the pool, you need to find a screwdriver and use it on the pedestal.

            Springdance Shrub

            First you need to choose another pot, namely Sandstone, it can be found to the left of the pool. Next, plant the seed and go back to the vials. Add seaweed. Take the pot with the sprout to the Bird Garden. In the garden, find the second feeder and carefully lure the bird to the sprout (place the second feeder on the nearest pole and move away immediately, move the feeder).

            Fool’s Emerald

            Bring the pot with the sprout to the room behind the pool. Bring the telegraph there as well. The code is KA: dash-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot.


            Bring the pot with the sprout to the Boat House, insert the record meadow’s bliss (120 bpm) into the phonograph. Start the recording.

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