Cursed Enigma – Priest and Prayers – Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough

When playing Cursed Enigma right-click advances dialogues while left-click is used for interactions such as picking up objects or starting a conversation. If you can interact with an object the reticule slightly changes. Normally, Giovanni mentions what our next step should be but I thought it’d be easier to write down where certain objects are.

Once the mass is over, go to the confessional to speak with Lucia. Then we can find the doctor sitting on one of the benches. Speak with him, too. Let’s leave and go to the private quarters to speak with Matteo first then with Sister Maria in the courtyard. Now head over to the bathroom to pick up the mop (it’s just next to the trash bin to the left).

Once finished with the cleaning speak with Father Lorenzo then head back to our room to find the key we need. There are some boxes in the room we need to move around a bit to find it. Now let’s head to the gates and close them. It’s getting late so we have to go back to our room and interact with the bed. Enjoy the cutscene!

As Giovanni wakes up let’s head to the clocktower. There is a lever near the staircase. Approach it so that we can read Giovanni’s thoughts. Now let’s find Matteo once again in his room. Once the lights are out pick up the candle behind you. Go to the vestry to find the storage room with the fusebox. After reading what Giovanni has to say leave the room only to hear a window has been broken.

Approach the gates and look to the right to see the broken window. Interact with it (not with the pieces but with the part next to the hole) so that there will be a cutscene. Now, head to the kitchen and pick up the mobile from the box which is next to the pizza. Now we have to wait.

My suggestion is to head back to the gates immediately. They are close to the kitchen anyway. Remaining close and in a crouched position we won’t be caught. Once we hear the knocking and read Giovanni’s words interact with the gate and enjoy the final cutscene.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did!

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