Buckshot Roulette – How to Unlock All Achievements

Here is the all achievements guide for the Buckshot Roulette game.

All Achievements Guide


  • Beat the game

Coin Flip

  • Successfully shoot yourself with a blank, facing 50/50 odds

Chasing Losses

  • Consume the “Double or Nothing” pills/next to pc/

High Rollers

  • Check the leaderboard

Bronze Gates

  • Die in 3rd round/marked skull/

Name Taken

  • Call yourself: GOD


  • After completing three rounds in “Double or Nothing” withdraw money /do not double it/


  • After completing three rounds in “Double or Nothing”, double it and win three more rouds then cash out

Soak It In

  • Listen to the music in the nightclub for over a minute


  • Use the magnifying glass to discover the bullet, then shoot yourself

Digita, Orava and Koni

  • In “Double or Nothing” mode, use gradually : cigarettes, beer, pills


  • Start the “Double or Nothing” mode 10 times

Going Out With Style!

  • Saw off the barrel, shoot yourself, and die


  • Cash out over 1,000,000 in “Double or Nothing”

Know When To Quit

  • Lose more than 1,000,000 in “Double or Nothing”

Full House

  • Use all items in one turn in “Double or Nothing” mode

9 unique items, we only have 8 places on the table, so we have to steal one thing from the dealer with adrenaline.

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