Clanfolk – Planting Guide


Planting requires Soil and is one of the two ways for Clanfolk to sustainably obtain their on food, the other one being growing Animals.

Planting is only possible after crafting a Sickle. Soil used in Planting reduces the movement speed of Clanfolk, who will try to avoid it if going around is faster.

Tilled Soil

Having a Pick allows Clanfolk to create Tilled Soil. Tilled Soil provides +25% Fertility Bonus and +50 Yield Bonus to plants.

Auto-Jobs to Planting will be added automatically to Tilled Soil, reducing player micromanagement compared to farming on regular Soil.


Plants will only grow during Spring and Summer. During other seasons the UI will be greyed out. The following Plants can be planted:

CropRequired GroundSeedsPlanting TimeFlammabilityMovement Speed Penalty
GrassSoil5 Hay Seed4High33%
OatsTilled Soil5 Oat Grain4High33%
FlaxTilled Soil5 Flax Seed4High33%
Heather PatchSoil2 Heather4High50%
Thistle PatchSoil2 Thistle4Medium83%
Berry BushSoil5 Berries10High50%
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