Call of Duty: Black Ops III – How to Fix Sound for Most Computers

I had this issue too don’t worry. It was just a pain in the ass to find a solution for, to make it easier for people in the future who also experience this issue I made a guide.

Sound Fix


You’ve loaded up Der Eisendrache or another reasonably sized map with an intro cinematic.

Oh! It lagged, well gamers sometimes our pcs can’t handle things and we just accept it.

But then you load into the map.

Hey that’s a bit weird no voices and my gun doesn’t make noise?

This here is our issue friends. Some can play with this issue going on but most of us can’t.


So you screwed with your audio settings but nothing worked huh?

Well try this:

  • Load up control panel via the windows search bar.
  • Navigate to hardware and sound.
  • Under sound go to manage audio devices.
  • Find your audio device, yours should have a checkmark on it.
  • Right click (or whatever your secondary mouse button is) your speaker/headphone and click configure speakers.
  • From then on select stereo and if that doesn’t fix it then try other configs.

I recommend restarting the game then re entering the map to see if it works!

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