Cats Hidden in Georgia – All Cats and Secrets Guide

All hidden Cats in Georgia. You can find several secrets hidden in the map.

Guide to All Cats and Secrets

Hidden Cats 1-46

Left Corner (up)

Actually, cat number 45 was my hundred, thats why is not red. But it has a red circle.

Number 100 is behind the the sign pointing that I have one cat Left.

Behind the number 21 you can find the cat sleeping in the chair. I covered it up by mistake. (orange circle).

Hidden Cats 47-68

Left Corner (down)

Hidden Cats 69-91

Right Corner (up)

Hidden Cats 92-99

Right Corner (down)

Hidden Cats 100

You can find number 100 in section number 1.

Hidden Surprises

You can find several secrets around the map.

All of them make noises and some of them movements.



Tower Bell

Broken Streetlights

Hot Air Balloon Bird

‍Sinking Floatie

Bird Eating Street Sign

Moving Yatch

Clock and Speakers

Touching the speaker will cause another song to play.

Created by ShaolinFong

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