Foxcrate – Characters and Modifiers Guide

This guide will go over each of the characters as well as each modifier currently in game as of version 1.8.

Guide to Characters and Modifiers


Welcome to my Foxcrate guide! In this guide we will be going over the characters. We will also be going over the modifiers you can select after completing days successfully.



Difficulty: Medium

  • Flynn is the first character that appears when you start the game.
  • He has an average driving speed and average walking speed.
  • His music seems to be that of a percussive instrument.
  • He is completely balanced and suitable for any kind of play.


Difficulty: Medium

  • Noelle is the second character upon starting the game.
  • She has a fast driving speed and an average walking speed.
  • Her music sounds akin to a violin.
  • She drives a little faster than Flynn, making her speedier, however she is only given one chance.
  • Any failure will result in a game over.
  • She is good for doing quick runs in the first couple days.


Difficulty: Hard

  • Zach is the third character in the selection.
  • He has an average driving speed and walks a little slowly.
  • His music sounds like a guitar.
  • He’s given five chances as opposed to Flynn’s three chances, however he walks somewhat slowly.
  • He’s the most difficult character to complete a run with, but you can take advantage of his allowances for failures.
  • Amusingly enough, you can complete the first day with him by doing absolutely nothing and not get a game over from it.


Difficulty: Easy

  • Lastly we have Vivi.
  • She drives slowly, but she walks really quickly.
  • Her music sounds like a wind instrument.
  • She has the same amount of chances as Flynn and you would think that her slow driving speed would offset her walking speed, but woah boy she’s got the zoomies.
  • You spend a lot of time walking to the truck and to buildings and back and that really adds up compared to just driving from one destination to the other.
  • She’s given me my fastest times out of the four playable characters.
  • She’s surprisingly very good for doing quick runs and getting achievements related to speed.


Next we will be getting into the things you select after doing days that will make each following day harder. They don’t have an official name though the dev has called them “Extras” before. I will be referring to them as modifiers.

Signature, Signature+, Fully Verified

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

  • This will cause some packages to be labeled with a yellow sticker.
  • Upon going to a house that has ordered a box with this sticker you will hear some energetic piano music. You must ring the doorbell for these packages and select the signature option.
  • This modifier is not usually a problem but depending on what else you pick it has the potential to cause problems.

Prioritized, Priority+, Authorized, Courtesy

  • Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard
  • This will cause packages to appear with a purple sticker.
  • You must deliver these purple sticker packages before it hits the halfway point on the day.
  • This can cause some problems depending on the placements of the houses that ask for these stickers. Don’t even get me started on the havoc this modifier can cause if you combine this with certain others. (There’s even an achievement for one.)
  • One of the enhancements you can get for this is called Courtesy, which will make it so you have to deliver the package to the customer via doorbell.
  • If you ever pick this, be very sure to remember that you’ve taken it before you start loading your truck with boxes lest you accidentally break some fragile boxes upon realization. Speaking of…

Fragile, Fragile+, Delicate

Difficulty: Easy

  • This causes some packages to appear with a green sticker.
  • These green packages will have a certain amount of times they can be moved before they break.
  • Putting packages in your truck, taking them out, and dropping them on the porch will cause them to lose health. If they lose all of said health, they will break and be counted as a failure.
  • Under normal circumstances, so long as you’re patient and think things through with your planning, this one is practically a freebie.
  • Remember that dropping the box on the porch will count as it losing HP, so if it’s one drop away from breaking, you’re better off ringing the doorbell and handing it over.

Porch Pirates

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

  • Choosing this will cause a large red circle to appear on the map.
  • Houses inside of this circle will be in porch pirate territory, and boxes left on the porches of houses will be stolen and counted as a failure. You must ring the doorbell and hand the customers the box instead.
  • You will know when you’re at a porch pirate house based on a deep toned, long held piano key.
  • You can use this piano key to your advantage as a way of knowing ahead of time to hand the customer the box.
  • If you accidentally place the box on the porch but you haven’t left yet, have no fear. You can pick the box back up and then ring the doorbell.
  • This is normally not a problem to take and can even be a freebie if you’re lucky but it can also cause problems if you take it along with something like Not Home.

Not Home

Difficulty: Easy to Hard

  • This will cause some customers to not come and answer their doors whenever you ring their doorbell until the halfway point of the day.
  • If this customer is fine with having their package on the porch anyway, this will be a freebie.
  • Under the wrong circumstances however, this can cause problems, so be wise with what you take.

Heavy Traffic

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

  • This modifier will put three small-to-medium sized yellow circles on the map.
  • Driving through these circles will half your driving speed and play some the sounds of industry while you make your way through it.
  • Sometimes it can’t be avoided. Other times you can plan a route that will avoid these areas as much as possible.
  • From my experience, it’s not usually as bad as it seems. You will still walk the same speed even in these areas.

Safe Driving

Difficulty: Medium

  • This will cause your driving speed to lower by one stage.
  • This happens no matter where you’re driving. No way to avoid it.
  • Heavy Traffic is overall better to take if you have the choice between these two.

Heavy Package

Difficulty: Easy

  • This gives your packages a small chance to be heavy.
  • Carrying a heavy package makes you quite slow, but thankfully the chance is rather low and the distance between the porch and your truck is pretty small.


Difficulty: Easy

  • Taking this will give your customers a chance to talk to you for a couple seconds whenever you deliver a package to them directly.
  • This is a freebie for a majority of packages as this only applies to ones you ring the doorbell for.

Confirm Drop

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

  • Choosing this will increase the time it takes to drop a package on the porch by about a second or two so that you can take a picture of the package when you drop it off.
  • It’s not long, but it does happen on every package you leave on the porch so that time will add up.
  • There are still worse things to take though, and you get to see your character take pictures with their little phones so that’s something.
  • This does not apply to any package you ring the doorbell for.


Difficulty: Hard

  • This will give you a fuel meter on the top left of your screen that will deplete by a bit every time you drive to a house. Heading to a house when you’re on the brink of empty will cause you to get a game over. You must refuel at a gas station in the middle of the map before that happens.
  • If you’re really clever, you can use the gas station to change your route up to avoid heavy traffic areas.

More Packages

Difficulty: Hard

  • It sounds so simple. Just add three packages and get an extra 40 seconds, right?
  • That’s how it gets ya. Those three extra packages abide by the rules of all the other modifiers you have and you already get a whole lot of packages by the time you hit the final days, so this can make things more difficult for you if you’re not prepared.
  • Good for if you want to make your delivered packages stat really high at the end screen though.

Incoming Pickup

Difficulty: Easy

  • Three houses will be added to the map when you take this.
  • Before your day can be complete you need to pick up a box from theses houses and place them in your truck. Unlike the previous modifier, you don’t have to worry about any pictures, pirates, stickers, or what have you except for maybe fuel for this one.
  • You can put the boxes in your truck at any time too, so if you’re not too comfortable with stacking your boxes in a way to fit these in during your output route, you can save these boxes for last.


Difficulty: Medium to Very Hard

  • This one entirely depends on your own memorization and if you really want to use your brain.
  • Under normal circumstances, this one wont affect you much. If you’ve got your route in your head this is basically a freebie.
  • The problem comes when you combine this with other effects, especially priority.
  • The map will not show you which houses have what stickers, only the boxes will.
  • This makes planning out your route a lot harder of an ordeal. If you ever get mixed up during your drive, you’ll be taking a moment looking at your boxes to remember what goes where because the map will no longer tell you which houses you have completed.
  • Take this one only if you’ve got a good setup that wont be hindered by this.
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