Chrono Ark – Tips to Beat Reaper

How to Defeat Reaper

2DPS 1Tank 1Heal is usually the standard comp.

If you are fully aware of the death sentence mechanic but you cannot deal enough damage, it probably means your mana / draw are suboptimal.

I recommend having at least 6 mana (7 mana is usually better) and at least 5 draw skills at this point.

This loadout will ensure that you have enough skills flowing into your hand and enough mana to use them. Do not overinvest in levels, lv3 is enough for most characters.

You can use stuns (even stun potion) or Trisha’s evade skill (best option) to gain significantly more time by delaying the moment where you’ll have 3 characters with sentence and having only one who can take the sentence.

Even a single skipped sentence allows much more freedom in how you can play your skills.

Created by Vengyr

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