Super Kiwi 64 – Theory about the Flying Island

Flying Island

Long time ago nations existed on the flying island. The florest nation, the desert monk nation, the pharaoh nation, the pirate nation and the pacificist nation (the houses on the last level).

The desert nations were especialized in making machines, the pacifists focused on buildings, the pirates focused on ship trade and raiding coasts and other ships while the florest nation focused on botanical studies and caring for nature.

The discovery of the powercell made life better on the island, access to cheap energy made the desert nations prosper economically. But a new pharaoh was assuming the throne.

The new pharaoh knew what the powercell was capable of and he could create a big army composed with the traditional ways of fighting and new machines especialized for fighting.

The armament of the pharaoh nation made the monks worried. With the balance of power tipped due to the pharaoh’s actions the monks forged alliances with the other nations who were also concerned about the situation.

At some point the war started, the coalition was losing the war so the monks hid some of the powercells on underground temples full of traps to avoid so much power in pharaoh’s hands. Pharaoh’s army went after the underground powercells, it was a tough fight but the monks won.

Finally the pharaoh nation was contained in the sea and now the coalition could prepare a naval invasion, but this containment made the pharaoh concentrate his forces on the monks instead of naval raid the other nations. The war was in its final moments as were all nations.

The last offensive of the war was made by the pharaoh’s army, the monks seeing the situation began to overheat the energy furnaces to cause an explosion that would destroy their own nation but destroy the pharaoh and his army, thus giving the other nations a chance.

Pharaoh tried to attack to end the explosion attempt, surrender the nation of monks and take the power cells to further strengthen his army. His efforts were in vain.

The explosion occurred, the monks managed to detonate almost all of their furnaces with only one remaining. The final battle began.

Pharaoh’s army was ordered to spread out and destroy other nations through guerrilla warfare. With only 2 combat robots by his side he attacked the last monk force defending the last remaining furnace…he lost…the war was finally over.

In time the pharaoh’s remaining army was finally destroyed after many post war offensives. The big explosion altered the desert and affected the entire island directly and indirectly, either by the blast radius or climate changes.

In time nations ceased to exist and only the remnants of their history remained, waiting for someone to explore and rediscover.

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